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Transgender Bill To Be Voted On This Week


This past week we were able to sit in on the Justice Committee hearings regarding Bill 279 and heard some alarming reports regarding it.

We would be so grateful if you would read through and e-mail the committee members, key swing MPs, the Prime Minister, Justice Minister and your MP, asking them to vote against Bill C-279.

For those of you that do not have time to read through this entire explanation please feel free to scroll to the end of this write up and simply send the form letter onto our leaders.

Bill C-279 is being put forward by NDP Member Randall Garrison. If passed this bill will amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to include "gender identity and gender expression." Currently in Canada everyone, including transgendered individuals, are protected by law against discriminatory practices.

One of the most practical concerns regarding adding the words to the CHRA is that it could open a door for s-xual predators to capitalize on it by accessing areas that are traditionally gender specific spaces (like women's washrooms and change rooms). An example scenario would be if a man was a s-xual predator and wanted to gain access to a women's washroom he could pose as a transgendered person and do it with the protection of the law.

During the committee meeting Mr. Garrison stated that in other regions that have passed similar legislation there has never been a scenario incident where it has caused an issue. We were surprised to hear this because one of the members of our team, Jonathan Gale who is a lifeguard, had actually experienced this type of behaviour first hand at his pool and knew of a case in Washington state where a man stating he was transgendered exposed himself to some girls in a change room and deeply upset them. Please see Jonthan's letter to MPs below.

We want to be clear and say that we are NOT saying that transgendered people are sexual predators. That is not at all what we are suggesting. What we are saying is that there is a concern that s-xual predators may use this legislation as a loop hole to gain access to vulnerable children in bathrooms or locker rooms. We are also concerned at the emotional damage that situations, like the one in Washington state, could inflict on children and youth.

To this end we are adamantly calling on all of you to e-mail the 15 members of the Justice committee, key swing MPs, your MP, the Justice Minister and the Prime Minister to ask them to oppose the bill.

There Is A Duty To Consult: First Nations' Leaders Have Not Been Consulted

Another key piece of information given at the committee is that the "duty to consult" the First Nations community has not been applied towards this legislation. Because the legistlation would affect the Canadian Human Rights Act it would automatically be applied not only all across Canada but to First Nation's reserves as well.

There is an understanding amongst our legislation that a they have a duty to consent with First Nation's leaders any time the Canadian Human Rights Act is being changed.

This is important. It is reasonable for Canadians to demand that all progression on the bill be stopped until the First Nations communities across Canada have been thoroughly consulted.

Please join us today in asking the members of the committee, key swing MPs, the Justice Minister, Prime Minister and your personal MP to oppose Bill C-279 and protect our children.

Jonathan Gale's Open Letter To MPs Regarding Bill C-279

Dear MP's,

My name is Jonathan Gale, and I'm a lifeguard for the City of Oshawa. Earlier this year Ontario passed Bill 33, which is extremely similar to C-279, both of which add gender identity and gender expression as protected human rights. At our summer staff training two representatives of the alternative s-xualities community came in and told us because of this, we now have to let men into the women's room, and vice versa. As a lifeguard, if I see a man walking into the ladies room, I can't do a thing about it and must assume his motives are pure. It then becomes the responsibility of children to discern his motives, and call for help if necessary. Standard policy in the GTA is that children age 7+ can go swimming unaccompanied if they pass the swim test, and we often have parents drop off their kids and pick up them up a couple hours later.

Over the summer two of my fellow lifeguards had to call the police because a pedophile was hitting on little boys at a pool and exposing himself to them in the locker room. There is the case in Washington state, where a similar law passed and allowed a man named 'Colleen' to unashamedly expose himself to minors age 6-18 in the change room and sauna at Evergreen College. When their parents called the police they couldn't do anything because it was 'her' right.

For more information about the Washington case please [click here].

There is nothing to stop this from happening in my work place, and the results are bad or worse. I do not want little girls and boys seeing the anatomy of the opposite s-x in the change room, or s-x offenders and pedophiles becoming aware of this and exploiting it for all it's worth. The lack of any definition in C-279 means if a man (98% of s-x crimes are by men) identifies as a woman in any way, he is allowed into the ladies change room without limit. To say it simply won't happen ignores the recent history of this recent issue, the education plans of the LGBT community, and the intelligence of highly motivated s-x offenders.

I do not want to deal with little boys and girls crying because they saw something or something was done to them – there's already enough problems without literally opening the door to s-xual predators.

I believe it was the UN that said “when the rights of two parties conflict, the rights of the weaker must be upheld”. Children are one of the weakest and most vulnerable parties in our society.

Please do not let bill C-279 pass.

Jonathan Gale

Form Letter For You To Send To The Committee, Justice Minister, Prime Minister and Your MP

Send to (copy and paste these e-mails into your CC box):

chris.alexander@parl.gc.ca, michael.chong@parl.gc.ca, john.duncan@parl.gc.ca, Kerry-Lynne.Findlay@parl.gc.ca, jim.flaherty@parl.gc.ca, flaherty.j@parl.gc.ca, shelly.glover@parl.gc.ca, laurie.hawn@parl.gc.ca, laurie.hawn.c1@parl.gc.ca, keddyg@ns.sympatico.ca, keddyg@parl.gc.ca, cathy.mcleod@parl.gc.ca, cathy.mcleod.c1@parl.gc.ca, lisa.raitt@parl.gc.ca, Michelle.Rempel@parl.gc.ca, bruce.stanton@parl.gc.ca, Bernard.Trottier@parl.gc.ca, Bernard.Valcourt@parl.gc.ca, David.Wilks@parl.gc.ca, pm@pm.gc.ca, stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca, webadmin@justice.gc.ca, rob.nicholson@parl.gc.ca, rob.nicholson.a1@parl.gc.ca, rob.nicholson.c2@parl.gc.ca, dave.mackenzie@parl.gc.ca, dave.mackenzie.c1a@parl.gc.ca, dave.mackenzie.c2@parl.gc.ca, dave.mackenzie.c1@parl.gc.ca, Kerry-Lynne.Findlay@parl.gc.ca, Kerry-Lynne.Findlay@parl.gc.ca, robert.goguen@parl.gc.ca, brian.jean.c1@parl.gc.ca, brian.jean.c2@parl.gc.ca, brian.jean@parl.gc.ca, brent.rathgeber.c1b@parl.gc.ca, brent.rathgeber.a1@parl.gc.ca, brent.rathgeber.a2@parl.gc.ca, brent.rathgeber.c1a@parl.gc.ca, brent.rathgeber.c1@parl.gc.ca, Kyle.Seeback@parl.gc.ca, stephen.woodworth@parl.gc.ca, stephen.woodworth@parl.gc.ca, irwin.cotler@parl.gc.ca, irwin.cotler.c1@parl.gc.ca, jack.harris@parl.gc.ca, Francoise.Boivin@parl.gc.ca, Charmaine.Borg@parl.gc.ca, pierre.jacob@parl.gc.ca, pierre.jacob@parl.gc.ca, pierre.jacob@parl.gc.ca, shelly@shellyglover.ca, shelly@shellyglover.ca, rod@bruinooge.com, rod.bruinooge@parl.gc.ca, faytene@4mycanada.ca

Send to your MP:

Click here to find your MP by Postal Code.

Copy This Into Your Subject Box:

Please Vote Against C-279, Duty to Consult Must Apply

Body of E-mail:

Dear Members of the Justice Committee, Minister Nicholson, Prime Minister and A Select Few,

Thank you for your service to Canada. I appreciate the time and effort you have invested in our nation.

I am writing to ask you to vote against C-279 which would add "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the the Canadian Human Rights Act.

I am concerned about this legislations for 3 primary reasons.

Firstly, as was pointed out at the committee hearings last week the "duty to consult" has not yet been applied to the First Nations Peoples. Canada has worked hard to build unity with the First Peoples over the past years and I feel not consulting them on an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) would dishonouring to them and likely destructive to the reconciliation & healing process. Their voice should be respected in any amendment to the CHRA. I strongly agree that the "duty to consult" must be honoured in this case as it is in others.

Secondly, it is clear that the legislation is redundant as the Canadian Human Rights Act already protects people on the basis of sexual orientation. I feel this bill and is a waste of tax payer money and the Justice committee's time which should be directed to more urgent matters where protections are not in place such as cyber bulling and the like.

Thirdly, and perhaps most urgently, I am very concerned about the loophole that this legislation would give to sexual predators to access bathrooms and change rooms of their non-biological sex. I am NOT of the mindset that transgendered people are sexual predators. What I am deeply concerned about is that sexual predators could take advantage of this legislation.

We need to be making laws in Canada that protect children, not create loopholes for sexual predators.

It was mentioned at the committee by Mr. Garrison that in US states where similar legislation has been passed there has never been an "issue" created by it. That is simply not true. I feel that Mr. Garrison is not accurately representing the effects of similar legislation.

I invite you to read this article regarding an incident at Evergreen State College in Washington State that does indeed chronicle an instance where young people were deeply disturbed in a situation created by similar legislation. Read the article here: http://ow.ly/fMDTi

For the sake of respecting the First Peoples of Canada, being good stewards of tax payer's dollars and for the sake of the protection of our children and youth I am adamantly appealing to you to vote against C - 279.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.


[ Your name here. ]


Day 2 Report from the MY Canada delegation at Parliament.
Day 5 Report from the MY Canada delegation at Parliament.

Thank you so much for all your love and support of the team for this nation impacting week.


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