Sarah's Story Pink Is My Favorite Color (and not just because I'm a girl)   While responding to a goat complaint, our alert humane officer noticed


Sarah's Story

Pink Is My Favorite Color (and not just because I'm a girl)



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"I'm more photogenic on my left side" Sarah

While responding to a goat complaint, our alert humane officer noticed an extremely thin goat in another area. As is customary, our officer required the owner to obtain a veterinary checkup for the animals within five days to determine the cause of the malnourishment.

“This goat reminded me of the animal crafts I use to make as a kid with Popsicle sticks. Her bony head was the largest part of her entire body” said Humane Officer Rosemary Frieborn.

For whatever reason, Frieborn decided to return to the property one day earlier than scheduled and lucky for this little girl that she did. While speaking with the owner, our officer learned that this goat "will be gone by tomorrow.” HSSF believes that if we can restore an animal to a good quality, pain-free existence, we'll do whatever we can. That's why our humane officer asked the owner if he would allow us to be the new owner in lieu of taking her life.

Now named Sarah, we’ve learned she’s two years old, and her malnourished, anemic condition was caused by three different internal parasites – all robbing her of crucial nutrition and threatening her life. (In goat world, the level of parasites can be measured by the color of the goat's membrane. The more blanched out the pink color, the more anemic the animal. A nice bright pink color - like Sarah's recent photo above - indicates she's improving.)

With the help of our veterinarian, and four days of treatments, Sarah's anemic state has been halted! She’s on the right road to better health by eating a diet of grass/alfalfa hay, blackberry bushes, kid milk replacement and an occasional apple. It’s the equivalent of a seven-course meal at a five-star restaurant! And best of all, she comes running to us, "baaaaahhing" all the way, when we bring out her arsenal of medications and fresh food.

Unfortunately for the goat in the initial complaint, HSSF was too late. Although our officer transported him to the veterinarian, he died sixteen hours later. Definitive cause of death: internal parasites.

HSSF works to stop this and other types of animal neglect and abuse. It's not easy. This story doesn't reflect the resistance, denial, and difficult situations that humane officers face when dealing with owners of neglected or abused animals. Education and compliance to rehabilitate animals is always our first choice for owners to take, but if that fails, HSSF humane officers take legal action to stop animal abuse and/or neglect.


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