UPCOMING RELEASES FRIDAY AUGUST 31ST YET TO DEFINE CD RELEASE PARTY Come see what all the controversy is about. Yet to Define (Loserheart/Canton Re



Come see what all the controversy is about. Yet to Define (Loserheart/Canton Records) is literally tearing up the scene at the moment and they haven't even release a CD yet! They've been threatened at clubs, harassed on the streets, and keep on playing nonstop.

Show @ Buzzbin Art & Music Shop

Check out the interview that started it all THE NEW CANTON UNDERGROUND: YET TO DEFINE here.

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Since our last email Canton Records has taken off running! We've put out a bunch of releases, organized a ton of shows, and are gearing up to send a few bands on tour.

The biggest news is that we received a grant from ArtsinStark, the Stark County Arts Council, which will help us revamp this label originally started in 1950 by Chuck Secrest and Arlie Kinkade. Buzzbin Magazine, the Northeast Ohio Arts & Entertainment Magazine, has matched the grant to get this thing rolling quickly. We've just installed this banner in downtown Canton on the corner of 4th & Cleveland Ave NW to pay tribute to some of the acts that we're around in the 50s when Canton was THE hotbed for Country & Western Music and the Canton Auditorium was home to national Country stars.

If we didn't say it before a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to ArtsinStark & Buzzbin from all the bands on the label.

Remember to check out the Canton Records website at www.KeepingitCanton.com


Canton Records "$2 Tour Comp" - This has a bunch of bands from Canton Records on it. Only two bucks...how can you go wrong?

Buy: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/canton-records-2-tour-comp-cd/

RegretsCD cover1

The Regrets "Monster Truck Weekend" - Chicago natives, The Regrets, are the punks that dig the Allman Brothers, who like good jams, but can’t stand a bunch of hippies. They’re naive and oblivious enough to believe that loud guitars, a bottle of Miller High Life, a lot of sweat, and a couple catchy hooks can still save the world.

Buy: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/the-regrets-monster-truck-weekend-cd-2012/

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CANTON LOW LIFE Stickers are now in stock! Wear it, like a $1 badge of honor.

Buy: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/canton-low-life-sticker/

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Chris Bentley and The Wretched Lovesick Bastards "Moonstarz Ten and the Whiskey Kill"

Genre: Americana, Singer/Songwriter

Listen/Buy: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/chris-bentley-and-the-wretched-lovesick-bastards-moonstarz-ten-and-the-whiskey-kill-cd/

Son cover

Son of Neckbeard "Tales of Woe and Doom"

Genre: Stoner, Doom

Listen/Buy: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/son-of-neckbeard-tales-of-woe-and-doom-cd/


Groove Pipe "Hangman" (2008) Reissue

Genre: Grunge, Alternative

Listen/Buy: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/groove-pipe-hangman-2008-reissue-cd/

While we are awaiting our first professional "MTV Style" video for Super Predator "Buried in the Walls" to be entered into the Canton Film Fest we thought we'd have a little fun with some of our punk bands on the label. Don't forget to subscribe on Youtube here http://www.youtube.com/keepingitcanton


VIDEO: "Jack the Ripper" by YET TO DEFINE
(Shot on an iPhone 4GS)


VIDEO: "Theme Song" by THE SAID SO


YET TO DEFINE "Three Knees for Free" is a just a taste of what this band is all about. With a brutal anti-drug message these guys are on top of the Canton punk scene.

Download: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/yet-to-define-three-knees-for-free-free-mp3-sampler/


BRAIN "Deadliest Man Alive" sampler EP is what you'll get until the new release drops in a few months. Sometimes funky, sometimes twangy, all the time GOOD. BRAIN will have you partying in no time.

Download: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/brain-deadliest-man-alive-free-download-ep/


While THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOSERS are wrapping up their new album due out in November 2012 we packed up a bunch of songs that were previously limited to comps, 7 inches and promotion. Enjoy "Take One Please" for another few months until we're all blessed with new Losers drinkin' songs.

Download: https://www.keepingitcanton.com/product/the-most-beautiful-losers-take-one-please-2012-ep-free-download/


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August 2012
• Yet to Define "Think Twice"
• The Regrets "Monster Truck Weekend"

November 2012
• The Most Beautiful Losers "Sometimes It's Messy"

Fall 2012
• BRAIN "Sweet Dreams Baby!"

Winter 2012
• The Oxnards "Zipper Missle"