46 People Strapped on a Chain, Looked the World in the Eye, and Asked the Question on Behalf of Chained Dogs: Am I Just Your Property? Thousands of p


46 People asked the question: Am I just your property?

46 People Strapped on a Chain, Looked the World in the Eye, and Asked the Question on Behalf of Chained Dogs: Am I Just Your Property?


Theresa Arguello sits chained in Pueblo Colorado

Thousands of people were educated in a very real way about chaining this July as 46 people bore scorching heat, mind-numbing boredom, nagging thirst, and the stares of passersby to send a message on behalf of chained dogs: Chaining isn't OK, not for people, and not for our best friends.

We've been gathering the data, bugging for reports, and building a page to show you photos from the 14 states where participants put themselves in the paws of chained dogs.

Thank you to EVERYONE who chained themselves, and for everyone who sponsored one of our chainees. We've raised almost $10,000 in online and check donations for our efforts for chained dogs; if you haven't yet sponsored a chainee or donated to our fundraiser, can you do so now?

http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/chainoff2012wrapup.html Thank you!

Here's just one of the awesome news reports as a result of our efforts: http://www.ctnow.com/videogallery/70974973/News/Protesters-Chain-Themselves-To-Dog-Houses

Read more articles at our Wrap Up Link: http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/chainoff2012wrapup.html


Two Pretty Girls Take the Good Newz Rehab Center by Storm!


Support our efforts for dogs like Jordan, chained in the Texas dirt

While Tamira was traveling for Chain Off, the folks back at the Good Newz Rehab Center were busy adopting out six of our 16 dogs, and now newbies are starting to take their places. Welcome to Jordan, formerly Muneco, chained in the Texas dirt with lots of yardmates and puppies. DDB and your donations financially assisted a wonderful rescuer, Marie Garza, who painstakingly built a fence for some of the dogs, and one at a time moved the others to rescue. Unfortunately, Jordan eventually ended up at Spindletop, a rescue that was recently raided, and everyone scrambled to pull dogs from the 300 seized. Marie asked for our help with Jordan, and she arrived Monday, cute as a button and already happily playing like a madwoman with her new friend Copper!

Marley is a 7 month old puppy of a chained dog in Missouri, and by bringing her to the Good Newz Rehab Center, DDB Rep Melanie Whitworth will be able to pull her momma off a chain and get her onto a new and better life. It's a win/win for the dogs! Welcome to the center, ladies.


Marley is livening up the group, and best buddies with Polly and Bandit


Copper and Jordan are already soul mates, playing like crazy, then laying down for a rest

Some Relief for Chained Dogs in Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts!

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Dogs Begin to Get Some Statewide Relief from Chaining

Some relief is coming for chained dogs in three states due to passage of statewide anti-chaining laws, which were in part driven by the excessive heat which has been killing dogs in record numbers this summer. Laws were passed in Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and city and county laws continue to hit the books, including a ban in Hampton, VA, which is only 30 minutes from our Center.

Rhode Island's dogs can't be chained for more than ten hours a day, Delaware's eighteen, and ok, we're still scratching our heads of this one, but Massachusetts dog's can't be chained for more than 24 hours. (Honestly, if I understood it, I'd explain it to you...does that mean 24 hours in a day? 24 hours EVER?) Regardless, while we still have some sorting out to do as to what the laws means for chained dogs, and enforcement will be tough with each of these laws, they do signify a culture shift, and that's what we celebrate today. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who made this happen in all these states. You make the world a better place.

DDB Rep Sheila Ehler Makes a Great Save During Chain Off 2012

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Sheila Ehler makes a great save!

"I'm working on a small town in Missouri, Moberly, that has chained dogs in about every back yard. This male lab mix was chained to the tree in the front yard with huge heavy chain around his neck (no collar) and his chain was so short and tangled, all he could do was turn around and lie down. He had huge wounds on both ears from fly strikes that were raw and bloodied and flies just landing on him, and of course, fleas. I gave the lady food and treats for him that day and ended up literally begging her for the dog, even offering to pay for him. I told her she had to fix his chain b/c it was way too short. I went back to check on him the next day and he was still tangled and couldn't move and the ears were more raw. That evening, my friend that lived in the town drove by there and the dog was gone. On Friday evening, I looked at the Moberly shelter FB page because I had a feeling this lady just let him go. There he was, in the shelter, picked up as a stray the day after he was turned loose; he was found 2 miles away from his home. I went to the shelter Saturday morning and confirmed it was him, his time was up so I pulled him out of the shelter."

Way to go, Sheila! You were Chance's guardian angel come to life.

Call for Artists, Speak for the Dogs in the Way you Do Best: Creatively!


Less than a month to get us your best dog art, poetry, music, photography, jeweled creation, video, and dance that expresses the freedom of a dog off the chain, or brings to life the misery of that life. Calling all artists to support the dogs, and win valuable prize money for you too! Read more and get those juices flowing at http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/rattlingchains.html

Deadline for Entries: September 4, 2012

Dogs Deserve Better, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting dogs off chains, is accepting entries from artists who are interested in participating in Rattling Chains: An Artistic Expression of Compassion to Benefit Chained Dogs.

Donating your Car to Benefit DDB is Easy and Saves Dogs


All these guys deserve better laws! Learn how to move on legislation in your area by visiting our Get Laws page. Click the picture to learn more.

Everyone who has donated a car for DDB praises the company we use; we hope you'll consider us for your next car donation. Here's a recent testimonial: "I am pleased to report that the car folks are REALLY nice and helpful.  There was a very pleasant woman that called to make arrangements for the car pick up.  She got done what needed to be done, but never lost focus on me as a person.  They said a number of times how grateful they were for the donation.  My wife dealt with the driver that came and she reports that the driver was just as pleasant and courteous as could be.  He left us a receipt for the car and said that we should expect a tax form for the donation in 2-4 weeks.  He also thanked my wife for the donation.

All in all they made the whole process easy.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  Every other experience I’ve had with people involved with old cars and towing led me to believe that all the old car fumes must make them mean.  Not so for YOUR car people.  Thank you for taking care of those wanting to donate cars."

Yours, Scott McElroy

To donate your old car, visit this link, and be sure to select Dogs Deserve Better from their pull down menu: http://www.donationline.com/newvehicle_donation_form.shtml

Visited our Store Lately? There's so much to Buy, See, Use to Spread the Word about Chaining!


Summer reading supports chained dogs

Been by our store lately? We have so many educational tools to spread out into your community, plus fun shirts and other attire that you could shop for the whole family, even the family dog!

It's the perfect time of year to sport yard signs or hang posters in the local area. DDB can't be everywhere at once, but the message about chaining sure can with your help!


Thank you for bringing chained dogs into the home and family with us for the past ten years. We couldn't do it without your support.

Tamira Thayne, DDB CEO and Founder