Welcome to the October 2012 Newsletter Hello! Welcome to the fall edition of the Duke Physics e-newsletter for the year 2012. We escaped Hurricane Sa

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Welcome to the October 2012 Newsletter

Hello! Welcome to the fall edition of the Duke Physics e-newsletter for the year 2012. We escaped Hurricane Sandy's wrath here in Durham, and hope our colleagues and friends farther north stayed safe during the storm. Please read on to find out what we have been up to.

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The Passing of Prof. Edward Bilpuch


Prof. Edward Bilpuch, Henry W. Newson Professor Emeritus, passed away in Duke Hospital of heart failure on Sunday, September 16. Prof. Bilpuch joined the Duke Physics faculty as Assistant Professor in 1962 and succeeded Prof. Henry Newson as the Director of TUNL in 1978 until his retirement from this position in 1992.

DukeToday has published a story about Prof. Bilpuch. Read it here. Former staff Maxine Stern conducted a nice interview of Prof. Bilpuch some time ago that can be viewed here.

A symposium to celebrate Prof. Edward Bilpuch‘s career as a nuclear physicist and his contributions to TUNL will be held on Friday, November 2, 2012 at the Searle Center Lecture Hall at Duke University. Read more information about this event here.


2012 Nobel Prize in Physics Announced

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was recently announced. It goes to two researchers in quantum optics/quantum information science: Serge Haroche from Ecole Normale Supérieure and David Wineland from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

“The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012 was awarded jointly to Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland “for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems.””

Professor Wineland was a plenary speaker at the last annual meeting of Duke's Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics in Spring 2012.

See more information on the Nobel Prize website here, National Public Radio’s website here and The Guardian’s site here.

It was a particularly exciting year for the Nobel announcements here on campus when Duke's Prof. Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD was awarded the Nobel award in chemistry. Read the DukeToday article here. You may also enjoy reading an interesting article about Duke's first Nobel prize including some historical connections to the physics department that was published in Duke Today: "Lefkowitz: Duke’s First Nobel Winner?"


Faculty News


David Smith Awarded 2013 McGroddy Prize for New Materials


Warren S. Warren Published in Nature Physics

chris rot

Chris Walter Lectures at the 2012 International Neutrino Summer School

Proton radius

Haiyan Gao and Collaborators Received an NSF MRI Award

group 2012

Berndt Mueller Lectures at 34th International School of Nuclear Physics

Goshaw Gave Talk at APS Frontiers in Optics Meeting On October 15 Prof. Al Goshaw gave a plenary talk at the APS Frontiers in Optics meeting in Rochester (see the announcement and links to the meeting below). It turned out to be quite a hit. Goshaw arrived at the meeting passing through the crowds like a neutrino, and after his talk was stopped continually for follow up questions (a real life Higgs phenomena).

Kotwal Lectures at CERN-Fermilab Joint Summer School Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal recently gave lectures at the Hadron Collider Physics Summer School organized jointly by CERN and Fermilab. The Summer School was attended by about 130 students, mostly from Europe and North America but some also from other continents. Click the link to read more.

Click on the images and links above to read each story. | Read more faculty news here.


Alumni News


Alum Nathan Kundtz Featured in Businessweek (Photo by Kyle Johnson)

Form 3 Physical Science 6

Alum Eric Yff Teaches Science in Malawi

Read more alumni news here.


Student News


Graduate student Mia Liu was featured in a Duke Today article about her experience working at CERN.


Graduate students tour Oak Ridge National Lab during fall break.

Click on the image above to read more. | Read more graduate student news here and more undergraduate student news here.


Fall 2012 Reception Photos

The Physics Department held the annual fall reception on October 4 at the Doris Duke Center. It was a fun and well-attended event with some great food. Postdoc Joshua Dijksman and graduate student Lynn Kaack took photos that can be viewed online here.


Job Opening: Assistant Professor in Experimental Nuclear Physics at Duke University

The Department of Physics at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina invites applications and nominations for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor level in the area of experimental nuclear physics, broadly defined. Current research in the department in this area includes experiments in electroweak interactions, neutrino physics, hadron structure and nuclear astrophysics. The appointment begins in fall 2013. The successful candidate should show a strong commitment to research and teaching.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, statements of research and teaching goals, and arrange to have at least three letters of recommendation sent to npsearch@phy.duke.edu. Complete applications, including letters, received by November 30, 2012 will be given full consideration. Inquiries about the position should be sent to Calvin Howell, the Chair of the Search Committee with the message subject “NP Search”.

Duke University is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We value diversity in all of its many facets and meanings.

Upcoming Events

Event details may change at any time. Always click "More Info" to retrieve contact info for event organizers when planning to attend events.

Joint High Energy Physics/Theory Seminars The next HEP Theory Seminar will be on Thursday, November 1 at 12:30PM and will feature Tina Lund of NC State University's "Neutrino propagation through turbulent supernova matter." in Physics 278.

Condensed Matter Seminar Series The next CM Seminar will feature Eduardo Novais and his talk "Surface Code Threshold in the Presence of Correlated Errors" on Thursday, November 1 at 1:30PM in Physics 299.

TUNL Seminar The next TUNL Seminar will be on Thursday, November 1 at 2:00PM featuring Dr. James R. Boyce of JLab and '72 on "Research Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) at Jefferson Lab" in Physics 298.

Physics Department Colloquium The next Colloquium will be Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 3:30PM and will feature Michelle Wang of Cornell University on "Single Biophysics with a Twist" in Physics 128.

Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems Seminars The CNCS Seminar will be on Tuesday, November 13 at 2:50PM in Physics 119 with The University of Pennsylvania's Doug Durian.

Triangle Nuclear Theory Seminar Stay tuned for the next event.