A Full Circle Effect! It comes to no surprise that someone I mentored six years ago, Fantajia Thomas, would now be a mentor herself. A professional


A Full Circle Effect!


It comes to no surprise that someone I mentored six years ago, Fantajia Thomas, would now be a mentor herself.

A professional dancer and choreographer; a few months ago Fantajia looked us up online and reached out. She stated that she was seeking opportunities to volunteer and/or mentor during her “down time.” Of course, we welcomed her with opened arms.

Fantajia has been a joy and blessing to the young ladies of Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks, CA. As pictured below, over the last two weeks Fantajia worked with the girls in creating a collage of magazine pictures that they felt best represented them. This exercise is one of many that are a part of the Foundation’s curriculum in building self-esteem and self-awareness within young ladies. Click here to read more ...


A #RemarkableMovement!


Last week we conducted another #GirlPower mentoring session at Farmington High School in Farmington, MI; same day, same time, same girls, but this session ended with a strategy to the beginning of a Remarkable! movement ...

A Remarkable! Culture produces an environment where silos are shattered and synergy prevails. In such a setting, movements of good have the potential to produce exponential returns, reducing competition, and amplifying collaboration. Loyalty, morale, and discretionary effort are all actualized as by-products of value creation: Cultures where people BELIEVE the best in each other, want the best for each other, and EXPECT the best FROM each other are conspicuously unusual. When you experience them, you can immediately tell that they are different, and people are compelled to remark about them internally and externally. Understanding that creating this kind of culture, whether within their family or school, all begins with a PERSONAL CHOICE.

STAR girls were challenged to commit themselves to be intentional about crafting a Remarkable! Culture in each corner of their world – one choice at a time. Discovering the simple truth that in every situation each one of us has a choice to make: We either extract value from OR create value for those within our sphere of influence. If you choose to create value, the results can be truly Remarkable!

Each STAR girl received a Remarkable! bracelet along with a “no judgement” t-shirt (as pictured below). The message behind “no judgement,” while no one is perfect, each and every one of us has something remarkable within us. If we begin to focus on and appreciate the “remarkableness” of people, casting “no judgement,” we are soon to create an environment – a world full of positivity. Click here to read more ...


Thank you!

The successful progress we're making with our young ladies is gratifying and positively emotional. Therefore, we thank you for your continued support of S.T.A.R. Foundation. Without you, we couldn't continue to do what we do!

If you're interested in mentoring or volunteering, please contact us at info@foundationofstars.org

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