Bryan Michael Stoller's Next Film Shoots in July Considering Our Clients for Roles Plus... I just received the following e-mail from our long time f


Bryan Michael Stoller's Next Film Shoots in July

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Considering Our Clients for Roles Plus...

I just received the following e-mail from our long time friend Bryan Michael Stoller:

" . . . I'm looking for a . . . script supervisor for my next film which shoots the end of July for three weeks. I'm also looking for a First Assistant director (good with scheduling and keeping things on schedule). Thanks! - Bryan

So, if you're not already being considered for an actual role in the film and you fit one of those two categories, please let me know right away - so I can let Bryan know. Thanks





Tony Tarantino and Tad Atkinson will bring us up to date on their upcoming feature film projects tomorrow. And I will share some information on the upcoming Ray Forchion feature film "Squared Circle" -- I am a producer on that one.

Please register HERE ( -- The Jeremiah Comey Studios, 12215 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604.


5:00 PM SUNDAY - RSVP a Must

Sunday - June 23rd - 5pm-8pm - Hollywood Shorts 15.7 - Screenings, filmmakers Q&A, networking - 5pm - Filmmaker Happy Hour (refreshments at menu prices) - 6:30pm - Screenings & filmmakers panel - Dimmak Studios, 6356 Hollywood Blvd., upstairs, Hollywood CA - Free admission & refreshments at menu prices - Info: -
RSVP: - Our Clients Are Always Welcome!

Next Sunday, June 30 - Another Important Event


Don Glut Moves Begins Pre-Production

Our long-time friend, award-winning producer-director-writer Donald F. Glut is shooting yet another feature film. The "Tales of Frankenstein" feature is still set to begin production in late November, but Don tells me that he has decided to produce his werewolf film BEFORE the Frankenstein feature. (VERY SOON)

Don will be our very special guest speaker at the June 30 seminar and networking event at the Jeremiah Comey Studios. Start time: 12:00 Noon. Don has hired our clients for each of his feature films and will be doing so for these two projects as well. We suggest you attend this event if at all possible. The more times you meet Don, the better your odds for appearing in one or more of his upcoming feature films.


Also Sunday, June 30 . . .


Live TV Show That Afternoon - Sunday, June 30

At 4:00 PM on Sunday, June 30, I'll be doing a live TV show (from studios in Burbank) - "AfterBuzz TV." - The AfterBuzz TV Network is a new media platform, created by "Extra" Host Maria Menounos and filmmaker Keven Undergaro.

I'll have the details within the next few days. They may have a small live audience. If they do - and you'd like to attend - drop me an email to let me know.




A Lot More Than Red Carpet Events

There is a lot more than red carpet events listed on our Calendar of Events. Here's how to use that information:

When you find events that are of interest, LET US KNOW via e-mail. We can supply you with details, address, and usually contact information. We do NOT submit you for events other than red carpets - unless you let us know that you're interested in potentially attending. Take a look below:


For Example . . . Take a look at Tomorrow

You'll see the "Current Clients Only" icon, a brief description along with the area where the event takes place in brackets. Then you'll usually see "proprietary information" and the following words: "This listing is purposely incomplete. It is proprietary information for current and active APS/Hollywood Success PR clients only. If you are an active client and want to be a part of this event, please email the APS office." Here's a sample:

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2013 - 10:00 AM: Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention. This month's special guests are stars from THE WALKING DEAD and TEEN WOLF and more; plus comic book artists and writers. [Los Angeles]

If you assumed that film producers and directors would be attending (rightfully so) and felt that you might want to attend, you could simply drop us an email and we would supply details, such as . . .

"Sunday - June 23rd - 10am-5pm - Los Angeles Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention - Comic book, sci-fi & movie memorabilia; Celebrity Q&A - Actors: Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead); Richard Anderson (Forbidden Planet); Barbara Luna (Star Trek); Butch Patrick (Munsters); Tyler Hoechlin & Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) - Artist: Alex Nino - Shrine Auditorium Expo Center, 700 W. 32nd St., Los Angeles CA (adjacent to USC campus) - General admission: $10 (additional fee for early birds & premium admission) - (Some celebrity autographs may have additional fees) - Info: (818) 954-8432 or"


How to Help Us Help You


Over 65% of Our Clients In World's Top 5%!

We want it to be 100% in the top 1%! There are a few things YOU can do to help us help you. For example, PLEASE E-MAIL US ONCE A WEEK with your AVAILABILITY for at least the following 3-4 weeks. Then, please let us know right away if your availability changes. We do not want to submit you for a red carpet world premiere event, get you cleared (accepted) for the carpet and then find that you are not available. We will submit you for MORE events when we know for certain that you are available! Thank you!


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These newsletters are limited. There isn't room to include everything, so . . . we'll bring you up to date in person at tomorrow's noontime seminar AND include as much additional information as possible in the next "For Members Only" newsletter. Until then, All the best!

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