Receive this newsletter from a friend? Subscribe here. December 15, 2013 Welcome to the first edition of FatFree Vegan's NewsBites! Thank you for su


Receive this newsletter from a friend? Subscribe here.

December 15, 2013

Welcome to the first edition of FatFree Vegan's NewsBites! Thank you for subscribing. I'll be keeping you up to date on what's new on all of FatFreeVegan--my blog, FatFree Vegan Kitchen, as well as Maria's wonderful Plant-Based Slow-Motion Miracle and the reader-contributed recipes on Fatfree Vegan Recipes. I'll also share some seasonal recipes from past blog posts and any great tricks or tools I happen upon. And sometimes, like today, there will be NewsBites exclusives, special bonus recipes I'm sharing only with subscribers. I hope you enjoy!


New Recipes this Week


Jalapeño-Orange Cranberry Sauce

Is it a sauce or a salsa? You be the judge, but I love this spicy cranberry condiment on tacos as well as baked tofu. Get the recipe on my blog.

Mom’s Vegi Chili

Reader Jdoochin contributed his favorite childhood chili, which looks easy to make and very hearty. Check it out here. And remember, if you have a great fat-free recipe, please share it. It's easy!



Maria does tasty treats the wholefoods way without a drop of sugar, oil, gluten, or soy. She says you can eat a whole batch of her delicious Oatmeal Millet Raisin Cookies without guilt. And check out her incredible Christmas Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti. Stay tuned to Maria's blog because she has more Christmas goodies coming up this week.


NewsBites Exclusive


Ridiculously Easy Ezekiel Bread Croutons

Since they're basically just seasoned, toasted bread cubes, you would think it'd be easy to find vegan, low-fat croutons, but it's not. Most packaged croutons contain cheese and are fried in butter or oil. Plus, they're rarely made with whole-grain bread. So when I wanted some croutons to add crunch to a hot bowl of cream of broccoli soup, I turned to the loaf of Ezekiel bread on my counter.

2 slices Ezekiel bread (or other bread)
fat-free Italian dressing
garlic powder or granulated garlic
dried oregano
dried basil

Use a pastry brush to lightly brush one side of the bread with the dressing. You don't want soggy bread, so use a very light hand and just "kiss" the bread with the dressing. Sprinkle each slice with the garlic and herbs.

Place the bread on a rack in the middle of a toaster oven and toast until light brown. Remove to a cutting board and, with a gentle sawing motion, use a bread knife to cut the bread into cubes (Ezekiel crumbles easily, so the key word is gentle). Place the cubes on a small baking sheet, sprinkle them again lightly with garlic and herbs, and return them to the toaster oven. Toast until they are dry--just a couple of minutes is usually enough. Remove from oven, allow to cool, and store in a airtight container. Makes enough croutons for 4-6 bowls of soup.

Be sure to look for Cream of Broccoli Soup this week on FatFree Vegan Kitchen!


Seasonal Bites

Even here in Mississippi, it's been a cold week. I've been keeping warm with soups, as well as treating myself to a little "seasonal cheer." Click the photos below to go to the recipes.


Chia Nog


White Bean and Garlic Stew


Ridiculously Easy Lentil Soup


Apple-Cranberry Strudel Pie


Party Hearty?

It's that time of year again--party season. If you're tired of eating before every party or making do with plain carrot sticks, bring your own nibbles. Mini Crustless Tofu Quiches make a delicious and healthy finger food at any holiday party, though you may have trouble convincing people they're vegan. Or make a dairy-free spread for crackers, such as Bryanna's Mushroom-Tofu Pate. For more party dishes, check out all of my appetizers and dips, as well as these festive holiday recipes.

Have a great week!


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