YDI Innovation Newsletter - August 2013 While our Interns may have pranced back to school with the close of Summer, we’re still in the midst of a cre

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YDI Innovation Newsletter - August 2013

While our Interns may have pranced back to school with the close of Summer, we’re still in the midst of a creative heat wave here at the YD Industries New Rochelle campus! We had a fantastic innovation session in San Francisco last week, our new Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponges hit the market, and our 2nd Annual Thornduke Memorial Javelin Toss was largely a success. Read on...

Innovation Thursday a Winner!

Likely prompted by local press mentions, another fantastic group of budding innovators participated in YDI’s Innovation Thursday at San Francisco’s Z Space.

After presentations from Musselman, Carraway and St. Bernard, the brilliant participants applied their IDACSU and PO-PO learnings to develop products spanning: geriatric energy generators, armpit bidets, armpit bedazzlers, sit-up popsicles, and much, much more. We hope graduates share their “Inno-Updates” with Margaret Burke in YD’s Innovation Tracking Department so we can feature them in future newsletters.

Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponges Released

Who knew that the Jurassic epoch would not only spark the imagination of child paleontologists across the globe, but also be the basis for the newest and most exciting family planing product in YD Industries rich portfolio?

Learn how a stegosaurus can prevent most unwanted pregnancies, and clean a kitchen counter -- at the same time!


The YDI T-Shirt goes well with a cup of coffee.

Fashion yourself with a YD-T

With the completion of the 2013 APACA Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, we have a few corporate shirts available to those that are interested in updating their wardrobe. Supple cotton, Tahoe blue coloration, and emblazoned with the famed YD Industries logo, the YD T-shirt will most certainly make you the focal point of any underground urban street fashion slam or rustic Appalachian hootenanny. For shirt info, drop an email to Margaret Burke for sizing and purchase information.


From the Mind of Musselman

"Success is a recipe with many ingredients. Some of them are really hard to find."
Steve Musselman, 2013 APACA Convention, Cleveland

Want to read more by Steve? Check out:
Where Does Innovation Come from?

YDI Javelin Toss a Triumph

We are happy to report that we had a largely injury free company Javelin Toss on the YDI New Rochelle campus! 312 spear launchers braved the lunch hour heat to heave sharpened poles across the activity field. Learning from last year, Judges remained in the midfield Kevlar shed, which we think prevented at least 9 potentially serious injuries. Winning the event, for an unprecedented second year in a row, was Tempelton Meeks with a 127 foot throw. Participants cooled down post event with complimentary electrolyte fluids and Pizza Balls on a Stick.

Fun activities like the Javelin Toss are commonplace at YD Industries, so if you’re interested in being part of the fun at YD Industries check out our Careers Page for openings.

In Conclusion...

Like the setting sun on a long and tedious day, this marks the end of this month’s YD Industries Innovation newsletter. We’ve come so far over these preceding paragraphs, it’s hard to know what to say that adequately sums things up. So we’ll just conclude by naming Berkeley "Telephoto" Thibodeau this month’s newsletter MVP for his sterling efforts photographing this year’s Javelin Toss.

Thanks again to all you in the YD Innovation community for being part of this newsletter or, dare we say, movement. We look forward to hearing about your successes and inventions soon!

The YD Industries Team

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