A Pathway to Hope December Newsletter Hidden Holiday Pet Hazards We are often reminded during the holidays “Don’t let your dog eat candy. Chocolate


A Pathway to Hope December Newsletter

Hidden Holiday Pet Hazards

We are often reminded during the holidays “Don’t let your dog eat candy. Chocolate is toxic to dogs.” We are not often reminded that tin foil and cellophane wrappers can be hazardous too.

Every day there is a heartbroken pet parent who comes home or wakes up to find their fur baby suffocated by a simple bag that was inadvertently left out. The biggest offending bags are chip bags (Doritos , chex mix, etc ) the dog sticks their head in the bag and is not able to remove it. Seems simple. Why can’t they get the bag off? It is slippery and without thumbs they can’t pull it off. Their paws collapse it down when trying to remove and as they panic the bag sticks to their snoot (remember it is well licked and sticky inside already). The second offender is boxes of cereal. The same issue occurs. Make sure that ALL PLASTIC BAGS AND BOXES WITH BAG LINERS IN THEM (chips, snack crackers, cookies, cereal, etc.) are WAY out of your pets reach!!!!!! If they are in a trash can, then seal the lid or keep the container behind a closed door.

During the flurry of festive unwrapping we also do not keep close attention to when casings tear and we miss picking up all the pieces of cellophane ( CD’s/DVD’s, electronics in boxes, cookies in Ziploc, tastycake wrappers etc). Small pieces of the clear plastic are often tasted by our four legged hoovers and at times they stick to the back of the throat. The pet goes into a coughing fit but is not able to dislodge it. If you are around when this occurs, and are looking in your dog or cats mouth you will see nothing, after all it is clear. Then your pet walks away and lays down where it suffocates.

This is not a rare occurrence. Sadly, it's a daily happening. It also can happen with adult dogs or cats. We tend to be more alert to puppies and kittens, but when a pet is 9 years old we have a comfort level that creates a false sense of security.

Here are a few other ‘reminders’:

Be careful with candles near your dog! Sometimes a stray tail can knock over a candle leading to a fire. Consider using a no flame candle.

Wires and cords could harm your dog. Safely secure all wires and cords from decorative lights and props. Chewing on cords can cause cuts, burns or life-threatening electrical shock.

Keep your dog’s ID on! Accidents happen! While you are opening the door for holiday guests, your pup may make a run for it. When taking your pet on a holiday trip, a seat belt and tags are a must. The proper identification can be a lifesaver.

Happy New Year!
-Kaye Mahn
VP, A Pathway to Hope


Upcoming Events

Saturday, December 15th
Holiday Pet Photos with Santa
Tri-County Animal Hospital
2075 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne NJ
1pm - 4pm
Bring out your pets for a fun holiday photo with Santa! Photos are $10 and all proceeds benefit A Pathway to Hope.

Sunday, December 16th
Adoption Day and Raffle Drawings
Jake's Place at Rockledge Garden Center
1621 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne NJ
11am - 2pm
Come out and meet some of our adoptable dogs and cats! Enter the holiday raffle for our Jeep Pedal Powered Go Kart and other raffle items. There is still time to buy tickets, just head on over to Jake's Place any day this week or on Sunday!

Holiday Raffle
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Meet Balto!

Balto is one awesome dude. We're not entirely sure what he is a mix of but we're thinking Jack Russell and Bull terrier mix. Balto weighs about 19 pounds and is nearly a year old. He gets along well with other dogs and is a big time snuggler. Balto loves nothing more than to jump around with his favorite toy, a basketball!
For more information on Balto, click here


Happy Tails!

We are so grateful to Tri-County Animal Hospital for all that they have done for Pathway's dogs and cats this past year. Tri-County has now made themselves a part of the Pathway family by adopting two new additions into their staff's homes!

Finley, formerly Baby Blue is growing up to be a beautiful girl. She know happily lives with Erin, veterinary technician, from Tri-County Animal Hospital. She loves playing with her toys and hanging out with dad to watch the game. Looks like she has found the best seat in the house!

APTH, Sandy

Sandy was found on the streets of Passaic. A mailman brought her to us knowing that she was very ill. Sandy was taken to Tri-County where she received life-saving treatment. Michelle, receptionist, met her and fell in love. Sandy, now Reeses, has joined Michelle's wonderful home and family!


Volunteers Needed

Interested in volunteering, but aren't able to foster? Contact pathwaytohope@yahoo.com to find out about volunteer opportunities, including driving for volunteer transports, attending events, event planning, helping with screening & home visits and more!


Monetary donations are always appreciated as many of our rescues come in needing special medical care. A link for donations can be found on our website at apathwaytohope.org. We are in need of dog treats, martingale collars, cat carriers, litter boxes and frontline or advantage for both dogs and cats. We are still helping those shelters and rescues affected by Sandy. See list below for additional needs. Donations can be dropped off at Jake's Place in Wayne! Check out our wishlist as well on Amazon.com!

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