A look back at the holiday season on North Flatbush Avenue in 2012, on a cold and rainy December 9th afternoon, Santa, the BrooklyKnight, Brooklyn B

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A look back at the holiday season on North Flatbush Avenue

in 2012, on a cold and rainy December 9th afternoon, Santa, the BrooklyKnight, Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz , and members of the North Flatbush Avenue BID hopped on board Molly the Trolley with local neighborhood families.
Bringing candy canes, NETS comic books and snowman balloons to the children of Park Slope and Prospect Heights, Molly the Trolley made its way up and down North Flatbush Avenue from 12pm to 2pm stopping at merchant stores along the way. In case you missed it, Santa and Molly the Trolley will be back next year, so be sure to reserve your seat and come out for a ride! The trolley was generously supported by the Pintchik brothers, Mathew and Michael of Pintchik Hardware, brining a little bit of the festive holiday season to the community!
To view additional photos from this event, CLICK HERE. or visit our website HERE.

santa 2012 4

Neighborhood families went for a ride on Molly the Trolley

santa 2012 2

The Members of the North Flatbush Avenue BID go for a ride with Santa on the trolley

santa 2012 7

The BrooklyKnight hops on board the Trolley

santa 2012 23

Borough President Marty Markowitz handing out snowman balloons to neighborhood children

AN EVENT FOR ALL OUR SMALL BUSINESSES! Hear from members of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, NYC DOT and members of the NYC Road Runners Club!

DOT image

NYC DOT and Delivery.com team up to bring Bicycle Safety Kits to all commercial bicyclists

Receive your kit FREE on Wed. Feb. 6 at 12pm at Woodland

delivery.com to provide bike lights, bells and retro-reflective vests to be distributed citywide

Education continues before DOT enforcement of commercial bicycle laws starts in April

New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced that the City has teamed up with delivery.com to equip 1,500 commercial cyclists with free retro-reflective vests, bells and bike lights, strengthening the City’s ongoing efforts to make the streets safer for everyone using them.

The safety kits, part of SaferHood, DOT and delivery.com’s joint safety initiative, will be distributed directly to delivery cyclists at the agency’s ongoing multi-language commercial bicyclist forums. DOT held a series of 17 forums last year to educate

For merchants along North Flatbush Avenue, join us on Wed. FEb. 6th at Woodlandfor important information from Chris Hrones, Downtown coordinator, NYC DOT and hear about the new rules and regulations that will go into effect on April 2013. Dont miss out.

To read more about this new initiave and receive a copy of the attached poster, please CLICK HERE.

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banner2013 red
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By February 1 new banners on North Flatbush Avenue

Our new Spring/Summer colorful new banners will be hung along 31 poles along North Flatbush Avenue from Atlantic Avenue to Plaza Street. This year we have all 31 banners sponsored by local merchants. New York Chess & Games, Christian Science Reading Room, Burrito Bar/Carlton Park, Brooklyn Boulders, Park Slope Optical, The UPS STore, AllStar Locksmith and Tatem Acupuncture are just a few of the merchants who participated in our Sponsor a Banner program for 2013. The best way to advertise your shop is with street visibility and repetition. If you would like to purchase a banner for 2014, please let us know.
Let us know what you think of the new colorful banners! These banners will be hung on our street lights until mid November. email us at sdavidson@nfbid.com


Members of NYC DOT and Heart of Brooklyn present new Wayfinding signage at the North Flatbush Avenue BID offices.


1 out of 10 of us gets lost every week!

The North Flatbush Avenue BID has been working together with NYC Department of Transporttion and Heart of Brooklyn to bring at least 3 new wayfinding signage kiosks to our avenue.

The city will begin installing 150 wayfinding signs in 4 city neighborhoods starting in March. The project cost $6 million to develop, with 80 percent of that money coming from the federal Department of Transportation and much of the rest from local business improvement districts in the four neighborhoods, which have agreed to pay for, install and maintain the new signs.

Sharon Davidson, Executive Director of the North Flatbush Avenue BID said "these signs will not only help people get around but will boost the local economy. Most people have a 4 block mental capacity of the area, this will allow them to explore new areas and new blocks in their neighborhoods." As soon as a conceptual kiosk is available we post a photo on our website.


It is "time" to remove the old clock at the 6th avenue triangle.


We have had many inquiries regarding our non working Verdin clock located at the 6th Avenue triangle. The clock is broken, the motor needs to be repaired and replaced along with many other upgrades that will be very clostly for the BID . A brand new Verdin Victorian clock will be installed at the 6th Avenue triangle as part of our Capital Streetscape Plan, but not until we start construction in Spring of 2014. A new clock will be placed into a new section of the new triangle plaza.
During the week of Februay 4th, The BID will be removing the clock head as a safety precaution.


They are put to great use

Once we no longer need our banners they are removed by our banner vendor and then delivered to First World Trash, located in Queens New York.

First World Trash turns every day items such as seat belts from junked cars and discarded billboards and banners into beautiful useful items. All materials are deep cleaned, cut and polished in preparation for stitching and built into backpacks, totes, wallets, iPad cases, handbags and much more. Each product is handmade at the First World Trash Studion in Queens.

Just look at the red lazyboy in the photo. This was repurposed from our 2011 banners. Called the lazy boy because its so comfortable you wont know you wearing it.

To view more items for purchase, CLICK HERE for First World Trash website and let them know the BID sent you. !


Interested in keeping up to date on the Brooklyn Borough President's plan to return the Bedford Union Armory to the Crown Heights and Brooklyn Community? Join the Bedford union Armory Mailing List. CLICK HERE.
The Brooklyn Sandy Relief Legal Clinic will be staffed by disaster relief-trained law students
and volunteer attorneys, who will offer storm-related legal and application assistance in
regards to insurance claims; FEMA applications and appeals; public assistance; and housing.
For more information regarding Sandy Relief legal clinic, CLICK HERE.
If your child's bus route is affected by the strike, please CLICK ON THIS LINK and get all the information you will need to prepare yourself and your child and find alternative transportation options. .
About the Event : The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present yet another opportunity for members and friends of the Chamber to build dynamic relationships at THE Business Before Hours (BBH) events. This is a monthly series that will take place on the 2nd Friday of every month from 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Each event will allow you to make connections with new contacts. For more information, CLICK HERE.
The Community Boards play an important role in improving the quality of life for all citizens of Brooklyn , but many people don't know about them. We urge you to learn how your Community Board can help you, and how you may be able to help your Community Board. If you are interested in joining your local community board, Applicaiton deadline is February 28, 2013. CLICK HERE.
There’s a new iPhone app available that focuses on everything Brooklyn.iT is called the Brooklyn Exploration Guide and it covers bars, restaurants, museums, parks, architecture and the like in about twenty different Brooklyn neighborhoods . For more information on th is App CLICK HERE.


NYDAILY NEWS - Barclays cop surge is a Crime Slasher. crime low near Barclays Center
CRAINS BUSINESS Borough Chambers unite to Speak for the Little Guys
ATLANTIC YARDS REPORT - Downtown Brooklyn Partnership proposes new BID

NOTE: The North Flatbush Avenue BID will have more information on this proposal as we move forward in the coming months. )

BROWNSTONER New clock for triangle at North Flatbush Avenue BID
PARK SLOPE STOOP Beyonce is coming to Barclays Center
BROWNSTONER Bars near Barclays Center are booming
BROWNSTONER Commercial Sales doubled in 2013 in Brooklyn
HERE IS PARK SLOPE Five Guys closes on Park Place


Dear Friends of North Flatbush Avenue,

Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say! We take that famous maxim very seriously here at the BID but with our own twist… Cleanliness is next to a better North Flatbush Avenue!!.

Look around the streets and curbs when you walk along North Flatbush Avenue. What you will notice is that you are not seeing trash as it used to pile up years ago. And that is a direct result of the fine job our maintance team does from Atlantic Maintenance. We have a crew of men whose job it is to walk along our avenue and sweep the street 7 days a week from 8AM to 3PM. It is not an easy job, and sometimes it is a thankless job, but our crew does it and does it well. It may seem like something small, but the truth is that because we are keeping our street clean, it is also staying clean- most people respect this and start to do their job to prevent trash from piling up. Our crew empties the corner trash receptacles and leaves our clear plastic bags on the side for NYC Sanitation pick up. When it snows, our crew shovels the curb crossing at corners.

Every Property owner and merchant is responsible for the front maintenance of their property and shops 1 hour before opening and streets are to be maintained if excessive trash piles up. Residents must NOT put garbage outside before 5pm. on days prior to garbage pick up. You cannot put your trash bags by the corner public receptacles. By abiding by these rules and regulations we can keep our avenue clean and trash free.

In 2014 the BID will be enforcing these rules and regulations and we will be working in consert with the NYC Department of Sanitation . You can recieve a ticket for up to $150 if you are seen throwing your household garbage into one of our public cans or placing your garbage on the corner by our recepticles, you can receive a ticket for up to $300 if your garbage is set outside before 5pm. You cannot put your old christmas trees at the 8th Avenue triangle for sanitation pick up and you cannot throw garbage into our tree pits. These are all finable and they will be inforced.

Our retail corridor has never looked so good! We are getting closer to the start of construction of our new public plazas at the 8th, 6th and 7th Avenue triangles in the spring of 2014. We will have new solar powered trash units, new wayfinding signage and we will have new benches, more trees, new seating, planters and new businesses are headed our way !! We are working to make this district pedestrian and traffic safe for everyone.

If we ALL work together, we can make North Flatbush Avenue one of the best premier neighborhood shopping and dining districts in Brooklyn! for your entire family but we need your help too. If you see excessive trash on our street, give us a call.

Once again, my office is open to anyone who would like to stop by. You are free to call me (718 783 1685) or email me (sdavidson@nfbid.com) . You can LIKE our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter @nfbid. We have an active website and a montly e-newsletter.

I urge you to be connected to the BID!


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