Dawn of Fantasy's release date on Steam has been set Steam Launch After several delays and working with Valve/Steam, the release date for Dawn of Fa

Dawn of Fantasy's release date on Steam has been set

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Steam Launch

After several delays and working with Valve/Steam, the release date for Dawn of Fantasy on Steam has finally been set. The game will launch, under the re-branded name Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, April 1st 2013 - and, no, this is not an early April Fools Day joke. The delay hasn't been all bad, it's has allowed us to add some much needed missing features as well as to squash as many bugs as possible. The game's in much better shape now than when we first launched more than a year ago.

Thank you

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our players and fans who have supported us and voted for Dawn of Fantasy on Steam Greenlight. Without you, Dawn of Fantasy would not be where it is today.
Existing players will soon be able to activate their copy of the game on Steam using their current CD key, and new players will be able to purchase the game from Steam for US$19.99 although players still have the option of purchasing elsewhere and then activating on Steam.

New Features

Some of the new features added for our Steam launch include:
* Socialization - keep in touch with friends and enemies alike through the updated social, profile and chat windows. Recent updates include being able to see stats of anyone who is online, sending resources to friends and announcements for friend victories and achievements
* Achievements - unlock over 30 achievements ranging in difficulty from simply visiting a region to taking over the entire world. Players are rewarded with Crowns (Wealth/Influence) for completing achievements and they are shown in your profile whether you use Steam or not
* Crowns for Gold - laying to rest claims the game is pay-2-win, players can now exchange Gold for Crowns. So get mining or look for lucrative trade routes to boost your Gold and Crown reserves to buy new units, unlock technology and speed up progress
* Additional Heroes - players can hire additional Heroes from the Marketplace to help boost their armies. These heroes have a range of abilities, so look for a Hero that best suits your play style or army needs
* More Armies - the maximum number of armies has increased from 5 to 10, allowing players to more easily find PvP battles, use them as trade caravans or camp to gather resources

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Start Playing Today!

If you don't already have the game and can't wait the extra two weeks to get your Steam copy, or would like to get a head start on everyone else, you can start playing today by getting the game directly from the developers website.
All your progress with your city, quests, army, resources and achievements will auto-transfer to Steam if you choose to activate the game on there.

We have a great offer at our store now - with $20 bonus value on top of the discounted game price. This offer is available at our website - http://store.reverieworld.com and isn't available anywhere else, even on Steam! The bonus comes with a "welcome basket" of content including a ferocious Haunter Dragon and an army of elite Dwarven mercenaries - a $20 value.

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Happy gaming

We'll continue to add new features and fixes even after the Steam release and we look forward to seeing a lot of players online with both new players from Steam and old players returning. This is a good time to be playing Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars.

Kind regards,
Reverie World Studios, Inc.

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