You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive Piwik emails. Piwik is the leading Free Software


You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive Piwik emails. Piwik is the leading Free Software for Web Analytics used on 1,000,000 websites!

Piwik 2.0: Plugins and Themes and Features! Oh My!

It's been a while since our last newsletter, and for good reason! We've just released Piwik 2.0, a major new release that transforms Piwik from an analytics webapp into an analytics platform.

Piwik 2.0 introduces many new features and new possibilities for you, the Piwik user.

The Marketplace

plugin marketplace

The biggest change in Piwik 2.0 is the ability to install new plugins and themes with one-click. These plugins and themes all come from our new website, the Piwik Marketplace.

marketplace in piwik

Anyone can create a theme or plugin and anyone can put one on the marketplace. Soon there will be many new plugins and themes that will enhance your analytics experience!


For Piwik 2.0, we've created two new themes: Morpheus and PleineLune.

morpheus subsect

View the new Piwik design

Morpheus gives Piwik a beautiful and sleek look that will make viewing your analytics data a very pleasant experience. In fact, it looked so good, we've made it the new default theme!

pleine lune subsect

PleineLune gives Piwik a darker look, ideal for those of you who use Piwik before sunrise.


Here are some plugins that you can install in your Piwik in one click (Click Settings>Marketplace). More will be added in the upcoming months!

Browser Tab

LiveTab, a plugin that displays the current number of visitors on your website in your browser tab.


TreemapVisualization, a plugin that lets you display your reports as treemaps.

Better Analytics


View the % of visits in each report

In every report, you can now view the percent of all visits each row represents. Quickly gain an understanding of your website's visits by comparing report rows with other rows.

visitor profile

View detailed information for each of your visitors

Use the new visitor profile to view information about each single visitor. See on a map where they came from, see how they found your website, see what they searched for on your website, and more!

Piwik Mobile 2


Accompanying Piwik 2.0 is Piwik Mobile 2, a completely redesigned version of our mobile app.

Piwik Mobile 2 will save you time and help you keep the finger on the pulse of your websites from absolutely anywhere!

Help spread the word!

Piwik popularity is based mainly on word of mouth and we need you to help us spread the word! If you are a blogger or journalist and are interested in doing a story or blog post on us, we will be grateful for your support. Get in touch with us.

New Logo & Website Design

piwik org first screen

We've also redesigned our logo and our website to make it easier for Piwik users to find what they're looking for: the new website displays well on mobiles and tablets and the information is better organized to help you find what you need quickly.

Coming soon!

Custom Alerts Plugin
Our previous crowdfunding campaign was a success and we are grateful for the community support. Custom Alerts will let you receive notifications whenever important changes take place on your websites. Stay tuned!

Enabling plugin developers with Developer Docs

Now that anyone can make themes and plugins, we want to make sure it is as easy as possible for you to do it. That's why we're creating developer guides at These docs will quickly get developers ready to create themes & plugins for you to use.

and more...
Get in touch with your suggestions and feedback. Together we will build the ultimate open analytics platform.


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