Welcome to the January-February 2013 Newsletter Greetings and Happy 2013! We hope the spring semester is going smoothly. Take a look at what Duke Phy

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Welcome to the January-February 2013 Newsletter

Greetings and Happy 2013! We hope the spring semester is going smoothly. Take a look at what Duke Physics has been up to.

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Distinguished Alumnus John Koskinen Looks Back Over Varied Career

koskinen 72

John and Patricia Koskinen | Photo Credit: Duke University Photography

“As a general matter, I’ve always liked organizing people and institutions.” So says John Koskinen, a Duke alumnus and the recently retired non-executive chairman of Freddie Mac. Over the years, he’s held an array of diverse positions, including being the Year 2000 czar (his favorite position) and the city administrator of Washington, DC (the toughest one).

He has also been president of a corporate turn-around company, the deputy director of President Clinton’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the president of the United States Soccer Foundation, and the chair of the DC Host Committee that brought the 1994 World Cup to Washington. It’s an unexpected career path for anyone, but perhaps especially so for someone who majored in physics (Duke, 1961) and then earned a law degree (Yale, 1964).

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Faculty News


Prof. Berndt Mueller a New Associate Lab Director at Brookhaven National Lab

kotwal cr

Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)


The KamLAND-Zen collaboration (with Prof. Werner Tornow) Reports New Neutrino Mass Limit

Prof. Patrick Charbonneau in Science News Prof. Patrick Charbonneau‘s work was recently featured in Science News. You can read the article “The Science Life” online here.

Prof. David Smith's Work Highlighted in NY Times The Technology section of the New York Times featured an article highlighting the research of Prof. David Smith. Read the article “Scientists Develop Device for Image Compression” here.

Profs. Bob Behringer and Warren S. Warren Featured in DukeToday Profs. Robert P. Behringer and Warren S. Warren were featured in DukeToday regarding their engagement in the American Physical Society’s topical group on physics of climate. Read the article “Scientists to Talk about Physics, not Politics, of Climate” here.

Funding For June Workshop from Duke OGSP Profs. Calvin Howell, Roxanne Springer, and Ying Wu received funding from Duke’s Office of Global and Strategic Programs, Phillips Endowment, in support of the “International Workshop on Fundamental Physics at a Next Generation Compton Gamma-ray Source (HIGS2)” to take place June 3 and 4 at Duke University. Click link to read more.

Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal Hosts Electroweak Physics Workshop at Duke In conjunction with the DPF-sponsored Long Range Planning Exercise, Prof. Ashutosh Kotwal is hosting a workshop on “Electroweak Measurements at the Energy Frontier” at Duke. The workshop was held on February 18-20, 2013. Click link to read more.

Prof. Thomas Mehen to Host Workshop Prof. Thomas Mehen will be hosting the Xth annual Workshop on Soft-Collinear Effective Theory, SCET2013, at Duke University, March 13-16, 2013. Click link to read more.

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Distinguished Physics Alumnus and Nobel Laureate Robert Richardson Passes Away


Image Courtesy of Prof. Horst Meyer

One of the department’s most distinguished alumni passed away on Feburary 19th at the age of 75. Prof. Robert Richardson obtained his Ph.D. at Duke in 1966 working with Prof. Horst Meyer. A long time faculty member at Cornell University, in 1996 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on superfluidity in helium-3. You can read more about his life in this article from Duke Today. You can also read an obituary from Cornell’s site here and an article in the NY Times here.


Graduate Student News


Jie Ren, with others, Published in PRL


Kristine Callan (pictured here with her advisor Prof. Daniel Gauthier) Receives Dean's Award

taritree block2-300x224

Taritree Wongjirad Wins Block Award

Yingyi Zhang Welcomes Daughter Graduate student Yingyi Zhang welcomed her baby daughter Lin Luo on November 2, 2012. Click to read more.

Students Win Continuing Student Fellowships From the Graduate School This year two fourth year physics graduate students Shanshan Cao and Miaoyuan Liu won three fellowships. Click to read more.

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Upcoming Events

Event details may change at any time. Always click "More Info" to retrieve contact info for event organizers when planning to attend events.

Physics Department Colloquium The next Colloquium is today and will feature Kim Palladino of MIT on "Shining Some Light on Dark Matter: The MiniCLEAN Direct Detection Experiment," Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 3:30pm in Physics room 128.

Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory Seminar The next TUNL Seminar will be a special seminar tomorrow with MIT's Kim Palladino on "It's All About the Recoils: WIMPs, Neutrinos, and Neutron Backgrounds" on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 10:00am in Physics room 298.

Triangle Nuclear Theory Colloquium The next TNT Colloquium will be on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 3:30pm in Physics room 298 featuring Eugenio Bianchi of Perimeter Institute.

Joint High Energy Physics/Theory Seminars The next event will feature Chris Neu of the University of Virginia on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 1pm in Physics room 278.

Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems Seminars The CNCS Seminar will be Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 2:50PM in Physics 119 featuring Harry Swinney of the University of Texas-Austin.

Condensed Matter Seminar Series Stay tuned for the next event.