HEALING SPIRIT IN CHAOTIC TIMES : ABORIGINAL WISDOM ____________________________________________Hobart 10 November 2012 This is an Invitation to at


Hobart 10 November 2012

This is an Invitation to attend a special gathering with Frank Ansell, Traditional Indigenous Healer from Alice Springs and Sue Gregory, Occupational Therapist, Leadership Coach, and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner.

Do you experience uncertainty in times of growth and chaos ? Is it difficult to connect with spirit? How do you find "home" when all about you is in flux and change?

From an indigenous perspective, "home" is a deep interconnectedness with country and all that lives. It is time for you to receive peace and healing from the land, and find "your home".

Through the guidance of Frank you will have the unique opportunity to experience healing and indigenous wisdom. Sue will explore how these gifts can give you greater meaning and spirituality in your life activities and occupation. You will encounter profound stillness , and the vibration of all that is.

Workshop Details:
Saturday 10th Nov, 10 am - 3 pm
Risdon Cove Aboriginal Land
East Derwent Hwy
Risdon Cove

$100 Unwaged $70We respectfully invite all local Aboriginal community members to participate free of charge

Please contact Ruth Langford by email tipruthanna@yahoo.com.au, or phone 0481 120 880 to reserve your space at the workshop or to book an individual Healing session. (Limited spaces available)

Individual Healings available:

Friday, 11 May and Sunday, 13 May
at Level 1, 18 Wattle Rd, Brookvale
$80 per session

Frank will also be available for House Clearings.

"Frank and Sue are a powerful team. The beautiful interplay between Frank and Sue is testament to the potential of how two different perspectives of “home” can support each other in finding that deep inner peace we all seek." Nigel Patterson

Please forward this email to people you know as out work is by word of mouth

Warm wishes,
Ruth Langford
t: 0481120880

Some further information:


About Frank

As a traditional Nungkari, or healer, Frank Ansell has been chosen by the elders of his community to share their traditional culture and healing practices with others. Frank has worked with groups of non-aboriginal people for a number of years in his country and elsewhere and actively works as a Nungkari in his community.

He specifically is interested in sharing his knowledge and gifts with those who have been pursuing their own spiritual way and personal growth as well as leaders and healers whose goal it is to help heal and transform the organizations and communities of which they are a part.
Frank helps others to tap into their own spiritual resources and recognise the interdependencies between one another, the natural environment, and the larger spiritual universe.

Frank combines traditional Aboriginal teaching with modern techniques, and offers a gentle, intuitive style of wisdom and humour that provokes people to reflect on the hows and whys of their actions and where they want to go. With profound simplicity he releases blocks that have held people back from achieving their goals and facilitates them to unfold their greater potential to make a difference in their own and other’s lives. TEDEX Talk here

He holds a Certificate IV in Mental Health, Certificate III in Clinical Healthwork and is a traditional owner and initiated man from the Undoolya region in the East MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs. He has co-authored a book on Mental Health for Indigenous people.


About Sue

Several years ago Frank asked Sue Gregory to help him
open doors into the white world for his Nungkari work.
Out of this has grown a wonderful friendship full of joy,
challenges, personal growth and transformation.

Sue's role is creating and holding the space for Frank
to share indigenous wisdom and healing, enabling
people to suspend disbelief, and enter an ancient
reality through which transformation is possible.
What has emerged is the opportunity for people
of different world views to heal wounds and move
towards greater appreciation of themselves and
Aboriginal culture.

Sue enjoys her work as a coach, facilitator, occupational therapist and therapeutic touch teacher .

She featured on ABC TV Second Opinion program on Complementary Therapies.

Frank and Sue offer retreats for people interested in healing and transformation on Frank's traditional land near Alice Springs www.healthyoutlook.com.au/UpcomingEvents.html