Greetings, CruzFitters!! It’s Week #3 and by now you are well on your way to sticking with your regular physical activity for winter quarter! Congrat

Greetings, CruzFitters!!
It’s Week #3 and by now you are well on your way to sticking with your regular physical activity for winter quarter! Congratulations, again, on making the best decision of the year and joining the CruzFit revolution! Even though Santa Cruz doesn't have the brisk cold weather and snow that most of the country is challenged with, it still gets cold, rainy, and windy here during the winter months. Read on for some simple tips for staying active outdoors this winter...

Winter Weather Exercise Tips

strong snowman2

Wear layers
Insulating yourself against the wind and other elements is key to staying warm, so its best to create a layered barrier. The advantage is you can always remove the outer layer if you get over-heated. Here are some basic layering tips:
* The first layer that’s directly touching your skin should be a lightweight synthetic or polyester material. It will dry quickly and wick away moisture.
* The second layer should be wool or polyester fleece. The outermost layer -- worn in the rain, snow, or wind -- should be lighter weight and water-repellent to help you stay dry.
* Avoid heavy cotton materials that sop up sweat! These will make you wetter and colder. Stick with wool and polyester fabrics, mentioned above.

Find someplace under cover
There are numerous places both on and off-campus that you can find to sneak in a little outdoor workout and be somewhat protected from the elements. Here are a few examples:
* Stairs of a multi-level parking lot - this is great place for walking or running steps.
* Awnings over a building entryway or bus stop - a great place to stop for a stretch or a few exercises while out on a walk or run.
* Under the trees - many places are so heavily covered with trees that the tree canopy will protect you from the rain and winds!

Safety first!
Please remember that slips and falls are a common occurrence during wet weather both indoors and outdoors! Be sure to proceed with caution during whatever activity that you choose.

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