Studio Highlights Football season has started and Sports Style is underway with lots of action... Derrick, my oldest, will be on the Grid Iron for h


Studio Highlights

Football season has started and Sports Style is underway with lots of action...
Derrick, my oldest, will be on the Grid Iron for his last season ever. A senior defensive end for the West Liberty University Hilltoppers, Derrick is majoring in Criminal Justice. I'll be down in the Pittburgh, Ohio Valley, West Virginia areas for his home games catching the action (using the 400mm f/5.6 that is underway for a try out!!). Best of luck Derrick!!! Knock them down! Visit Sports Style Photography for sporting event links and news.

The kids will also be out enjoying the fall sports. Jackson is playing soccer with the CVSA and Maddie will be hitting the diamond in Fall Ball. So stay tuned for more Sports Action.

Sooo, Pittsburgh FRIENDS!!! I'm coming to town!!
Booking SESSIONS on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday morning in Pittsburgh, PA on these following weekends in 2013:

September 27 - 29 (Bethany College Homecoming)
October 4 - 6 (West Liberty vs Duquesne in Pittsburgh!!)
October 18 - 20
November 15 - 17

Contact me if you are interested!!!! Derrick plays his games at 12PM in West Liberty, so sessions on Saturday morning need to start at 8:30 to allow me enough time to spend time with you and to get to his game to photograph.

Also if any 'burgh peeps are interested, West Liberty is playing Duquesne this year on October 5th at 1PM at Duquesne. I recommend a Downtown tailgate, stagger up the hill, and then back down again for a night out.


PS. This is Derrick's last year of Football!!!!


Featured Session - Keuka Lake Adventures

Nothing speaks summer than visiting the FingerLakes. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph 4 generations up at Keuka Lake this summer. The little man was the highlight of the session; not to mention the boat ride up and down the lake which great granddad thoroughly enjoyed. More of the session can be viewed on my blog HERE.


Fashion Forecast

Sometimes it is hard deciding on what clothes to invest in for the upcoming months. To help assure that your wardrobe update is in check with the latest trends, here is a fashion forecast for the next few months.

As many may already be aware, military inspired outfits are seeping into the retail world. This includes anything from camouflage leggings to combat boots. And that murky green that works well with gold. This style is one that will be around for a while, so it would be safe to invest in any army styled apparel!

Another trend we’ve seen around for a while and will continue is layering. During winter months especially, it’s so much fun to have a million different pieces that can be put together in a million different ways! Layers can be anything from a sweater with a collar poking out, to a fashionable coat with plaid showing from underneath. And even a layer under that plaid is very cool right now. Layers are great for mixing and matching clothes in many different ways, allowing you to wear them more often and get much more mileage out of them.

The last forecast we are sharing is hats and scarfs. So many vendors have come out with affordable and stylish accessories this year, it’s impossible to skip out on the great finds! No matter what season or where you live, there is a hat or scarf suitable for you and your style. Floppy hats on the beach, or vintage bowler hats in the winter! And scarfs of all colors. They jazz up your wardrobe, and are a quick fix to any bad hair day or neutral warobe.

For a little help on color coordination and what to wear, visit my Fall/Winter What to Wear Guide HERE.


Professional vs. Uncle Fred

Many people have the choice of two types of photographers. One is the professional who has taken the classes, done the training, and has all the right tools. The second is what we call “Uncle Fred”, the more amateur version, often a close friend or relative with a fancy camera that shoots everything on auto. While deciding between the two, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

A professional photographer might charge a bit more, but they are worth every penny. As professionals, they understand the most important concept of photography, which is lighting. A well lit photo makes the shot, while an under-exposed or poorly lit one breaks it. Another thing they do well is posing. “Uncle Fred’s” poses can sometimes be awkward, while your professional has experience in making you feel comfortable and natural. Lastly, is the editing process. Professionals have editing software and training to correct skin tones and pop color, while Uncle Fred does not. The editing software, many say, is half of the art. A well trained photo shop user is priceless!

Investing in a well trained photographer to capture the moments that are only here once is worth it. Don’t settle for Uncle Fred!

See below for an example of my "before" and "after" photo.


Tell Your Story

Ever want to stretch your photography skills? One way to shoot more creatively with your camera is with story telling. When you are shooting an event or activity, tell the story from beginning to end with pictures. Here’s an example. Let’s say you are preparing a dinner for family and friends. You might shoot the cocktails and getting all the dinner and dessert ingredients out and lined up. Then take a shot of the mixing and cooking process. Don’t forget a shot of the kids licking the bowl too. Of course, you will want pictures of the final product, everyone enjoying the dinner This is a really fun way to grow your creativity while capturing some great memories at the same time!

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