January 2013: I Love Photography!Susan Spiritus Gallery at PhotoLA 2013 ~ Booth #M-130 The 22nd annual PhotoLA at the Santa Monica Civic Center will


January 2013: I Love Photography!

Susan Spiritus Gallery at PhotoLA 2013 ~ Booth #M-130

hyde timothy iceland10 perilousterrain 2010

Abandoned Herring Factory 2, Iceland

The 22nd annual PhotoLA at the Santa Monica Civic Center will open January 17th at 6pm and will run through Monday, January 21, 2013.
Susan Spiritus Gallery will have the same booth location as last year, right inside the main hall at the front!
One of the featured photos this year will be the Abandoned Herring Factory, Iceland by Tim Hyde from the series, Perilous Terrain.

hartman mitchell TheBallplayer 2011

The Ballplayer

Mitchell Hartman's series of photographs from the Fragments series combines images through retouching and digital techniques to present a new view of the world that mimics what the eye really sees. The Ballplayers is a great example of such action.


Textus #034-1 (aka Hong Kong)

I am very excited to be introducing the woven photographic work of Seung Hoon Park to my PhotoLA friends from the series, Textus, which is to resemble a piece of woven fabric.

A selection of more fanciful, fun, and thought provoking work by Fran Forman and Deborah Parkin will also be featured, including Fran's Carousel Escape and Two Men. Hidden along with Mask and Playtime from Deborah's Memory series.

Fran Forman will be at PhotoLA this year, so be sure to stop by to meet her and chat about her work.
Copies of Deborah Parkin's new book, William Ropp presents: Deborah Parkin will be available for sale.

Forman Fran CarouselEscape 2012

Carousel Escape

Forman Fran Two-Men Hidden 2011

Two Men, Hidden

parkin deborah mask memory 2010


parkin deborah playtime memory 2010


big florentine

Florentine Graffiti

Jeannie O'Connor's painted film collage work incorporates a multi-layering process using collage, magazine rubbings, pastel applications and the use of metallic paint on the backside of the transparent film on which the image is printed. This process creates a great depth to the images and are a must to see!

Camille Seaman has had a spectacular year! The work she has done from the series, The Last Iceberg, I,II,III has received critical acclaim and has been published in Time, Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, National Geographic and Nature Magazine, to name a few.
Camille has also been selected to be a senior TED Fellow for 2013.

grandl 018altfinal

Grand Pinnacle Iceberg, Antarctica

JeannEveryone always wants to know who will be visiting the booth during PhotoLA and at this writing,
I have a confirmation from Jim Collum, Camille Seaman, Julie Sample,
Fran Forman and Larry Vogel, all of whom will have work represented in the booth, along with work by Cara Barer, Ellen Jantzen, Hiroshi Watanabe, George Tice, and Dar Spain.

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