Just Arrived in Our Shop! Happy Days ( http://www.hawthornethreads.com/fabric/designer/newcastle_fabrics_house_designer/happy_days ) are here again!

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Just Arrived in Our Shop!

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Happy Days are here again! This new line from Newcastle Fabrics is a retro reunion with its festive colorful kitchen collection recalling a time not so very long ago! The lady of the home, dressed to the nines, bustles around her kitchen…cooking and cleaning, cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning! My grandmother raised 6 children and flitted around a stove just like that, tending to her trusty cast iron skillet. I hope this line brings fond memories for you all as well!

And head over here for a round up of 25 spectacular Apron Tutorials so you too can be the hostess with the most-est!


Thank you so much for reading along with us, and for your continued support of our little shop!

Happy Sewing,
Lindsay and Charlie

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