October 2013: I Love Photography! I distinctly remember advising a (new) photographer who was about to enter the world of fine art photography some y


October 2013: I Love Photography!

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Ellen Jantzen, working on an image

I distinctly remember advising a (new) photographer who was about to enter the world of fine art photography some years ago, that he should not to quit his day job, but he didn’t listen and he did quit! Now in retrospect, my advice was wrong and ill advised. He and his photography endeavors have soared.
Although Ellen Jantzen doesn’t technically have an outside day job, if she did, and wanted to quit, I’d not advise her in the same way! It is abundantly clear that the worldwide attention her work is receiving along with the awards that she is piling up is a true testament to her skills and expertise as an artist! Susan Spiritus Gallery is pleased to represent Ellen's artistic endeavors!
I had hoped to be able to make a visit to Ellen's studio, to experience first hand how she works, but time did not permit. As an alternative, I asked Ellen to share some photos of her studio, two of which are shown here.

Ellens Studio2

Studio view

Disturbing the Spirits

Ellen Jantzen loves trees!

Ellen states, "I have been searching for meaning in my life and have taken solace in nature and its ever changing seasons which brings about an awareness of the fleetingness of life."

In this series, Disturbing the Spirits, the artist is using imagery to convey her “feelings” about the state of nature, the nature of trees, and how to express their connection to past, present and future.

Ellen Jantzen does not consider herself a photographer, but rather a digital artist who reconstructs her photographs and pushes them into a more ambiguous state, creating what she refers to as a digital montage. "I have an obsession with disappearance," she says, "of revealing only bits of reality and obscuring the rest." To accomplish this task, without giving away too many of her secrets, the artist uses a veil to obscure a portion of the image, creating a new one and leaving the viewer to wonder....

b5-Among The Spirits

Among the Spirits

b1-Let The Others Follow

Let the Others Follow



b4-Toward Profusion

Toward Profusion

c7-After Hours

After Hours

a8-Awaiting The Warmth

Awaiting the Warmth





a10-A Hidden Promise

Hidden Promise


Previous bodies of work that Ellen Jantzen has completed are Losing Reality; The Reality of Loss, Transplanting Reality; Transforming Nature and Point & Shoot @ 70MPH - each of which has an image represented below which when clicked on will take you to the larger collection of her work at susanspiritusgallery.com

Transplanting Reality; Transforming Nature

Jantzen Ellen TheGoldenDivergence 2012

The Golden Divergence

Point & Shoot @ 70 MPH

Jantzen Ellen California 04-20 2010 9 58 AM

California 04-20-2010 @ 9:58am

Losing Reality; The Reality of Loss

Jantzen Ellen SilentSpring 2011

Silent Spring

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