For New Museum's IDEAS CITY Over 50 Artists Inhabit the OLD SCHOOL: featuring special performance by Kris Perry's Machines Under the exhibition theme

SCHOOL NITE invitation MAX

For New Museum's IDEAS CITY Over 50 Artists Inhabit the OLD SCHOOL: featuring special performance by Kris Perry's Machines


"Tire Fire in Green" by Sarah Bereza

Under the exhibition theme "WISH MEME", The They Co. will coordinate curatorial exhibitions for SCHOOL NITE exploring ideas of wish fulfillment, fiscal dependency, self-entitlement, and the agents working against these phenomena, which accounts for the push-and-pull within a generation raised in an economic bubble, and growing up or old through its sizable burst. Within Wish Meme, works which consider post excesses and current deficiencies will be explored alongside those of utopian whimsy, TV dreaming, video-game escapism, prayer how-tos, old mythologies reprised, internet trending, and real-life hopes for life improvement. Here, the souls of the activist email blast, the home shopping network, People magazine Do’s & Don’ts, and better living through chemistry, consumerism, or creativity distill from the cumulative wishing well of the times.

Participating Curators + Artists: Samuel T. Adams, Gabriela Alva, Aaron Anderson, Sarah Bereza, Joe Brittain, Julian Bozeman, Zain Burgess, Shelley Burgon, Joseph Burwell, Eric Carlson, Gerald Collings, Myla Dalbesio, Alexander Dawson, Michelle Devereux, Fall On Your Sword, David Alexander Flinn, Hannah Fidell, Ghost of a Dream, Cate Giordano, Anita Glesta, Andrew Gori, Michelle Heinz, Adam Ianniello, Joseph Jagos, Matt Jones, Ambre Kelly, Hilary Koob-Sassen/The Errorists, Natalie Kovacs, Yung Lenox, Melissa Ling, Annabel Linquist, John J. McGurk, Niall McClelland, Carrie McKnelly, Patrick Meagher, Adam Mignanelli, Jason Nocito, Holly Overton, Elena Parasco, Aurora Pellizzi, Kris Perry/Machines, Sophie Plimpton, Devin Powers, Project for Empty Space, Christopher Puidokas, William Rahilly, Jenna Ransom, Joe Roberts, Jonathan Rosen, Rachel Rossin, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Lina Scheynius, Tom Smith, Maureen Sullivan, Eve Sussman, Cecelia Stucker, thefuturefuture, Ian Toms, Russell Tyler, Weston Ulfig, Alice Waese, Octopi Wallstreet, Nadia Witte, and Stephen Zerbe.


"FREE" by Jonathan Rosen

dudeonpizza  1

"Dude On Pizza #1" by Michelle Devereux

Zerbe WetDream2

"Wet Dream" by Stephen Zerbe

modular unit(300dpi)

"Modular Unit" by John J. McGurk

Weston Ulfig - Mike

"Mike #1" by Weston Ulfig

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