Photo Contest: Business Card Designs Photo Contest Let's see those glorious business cards from ProDPI- even if you haven't ordered them yet! Enter

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Photo Contest: Business Card Designs

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Photo Contest
Let's see those glorious business cards from ProDPI- even if you haven't ordered them yet! Enter the photo contest for a chance to win 1 FREE 10x10, 10 spread press album with any cover type. Runner-up also gets a special prize!

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*Contest ends on September 1st, 2013. Click here for more information about ProDPI Press Albums and product specifics.


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Film for Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw

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Totally Rad has done it again!
Totally Rad has combined the beauty of film with the flexibility of digital to create the most faithful film emulation presets ever!

"Replichrome includes 134 presets for bringing the classic film look to your digital photography. Whether you are combining your film and digital photos for a seamless collection of images, or simply seeking to bring the look of film to your digital world, Replichrome has everything you need." More info & images.

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ShootProof - Mobile

Mobile - ShootProof

Mobile Galleries & Shopping Cart
Treat your clients to galleries that work on any device. ShootProof presents your photos beautifully with optional sales and fulfillment through ProDPI!

Try ShootProof free for 30 days

Why use ShootProof?
ShootProof provides end to end photo proofing and ordering, complete with a customized studio control panel, easy photo uploading, beautiful viewing experience, AND a shopping cart.


Design Aglow


Exciting Announcement
The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography is available NOW! 100 Modern Ideas for Photographing Newborns, Babies, Children, and Families.

Available in bookstores & on Amazon, take a look inside this amazing book.

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*With contributions from Anna Kuperberg, Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, Tara Whitney, Rachel Devine, and many more.


Design Aglow Frame Shop is Open
With a huge selection of colors, elegant styles, and marketing tools; your boost in sales has only just begun.

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Grab & Go Collections
Receive 15% off your corresponding print order from ProDPI with the purchase of any Grab & Go collection.

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