Last Chance for $50 Registration Just three weeks from today, there will already be hundreds of PorcFest attendees strolling Roger’s Campground, reun


Last Chance for $50 Registration

Just three weeks from today, there will already be hundreds of PorcFest attendees strolling Roger’s Campground, reuniting with old friends, learning from fantastic speakers and panel discussions, or enjoying their first Trainwrecks at George’s Famous Baklava. By the weekend, we expect the number in attendance to surpass 1000! Will you be joining us for PorcFest’s 10th anniversary?

Online pre-registration closes in just a few days, on Saturday, June 1, and this is your last chance to register for only $50. This year, we are happy to announce that the PorcFest entrance price includes Roger's Campground's day pass fee. All off-site and parking fees have been eliminated, which is great news for attendees who are staying at nearby motels or just visiting for the day.

Registration is closed between June 1 and June 16, and if you register upon arrival at Roger’s, the entrance fee is $75 for the entire week or $30 for a one-day pass. So why wait? If you’ll be joining us (and we certainly hope you will), register now on the PorcFest website.


Fire at Roger’s Campground

As you may have heard, the Bingo Hall recently caught fire and was destroyed. Thankfully, no one was injured. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. The Bingo Hall was formerly the gathering place for all children’s activities. Scheduled children’s programming will still go on as planned and the PorcFest organizers are working to finalize changes to activity locations. We have offered our help to Roger’s for any clean-up or rebuilding assistance they may need and are waiting to hear if and how we can pitch in. Read more about the fire here and check the PorcFest blog for relevant updates.

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We Have Questions, You Have Answers

Even if you’re not attending PorcFest, here’s a way to leave your mark from afar. We are calling all liberty-lovers to answer an open-ended survey of fun questions. Weigh in on the nerdiest libertarian pastime, the best PorcFest food, the greatest living Austrian Economist, and more. You can fill in all the questions or only a few, so the survey takes as long as you wish. Your answers will be anonymously collected and revealed during a brand-new PorcFest event called Freedom Feud and at other moments throughout the week. Click here to answer the questionnaire now. We really appreciate your help!



Sponsor SatoshiDice and the UNCE party planners are getting everything ready to throw a truly epic dance party. Held in the Free Keene Pavilion on Saturday night, UNCE is our capstone party and your last chance to dance the night away at PorcFest (until next year, of course!). Don’t forget your glowsticks!


DIY Seminars

Come away from PorcFest with some new self-sufficiency skills! Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the Free Keene Pavilion are dedicated to hands-on demonstrations of techniques for canning produce, dehydrating, and yogurt-making. On Tuesday, the Canning Seminar will cover hot water bath canning with jam and pressure cooker canning with vegetables(donations to offset supply costs are accepted). And on Thursday, start with a Dehydrating Seminar where you’ll learn one of the oldest methods of food preservation and discover how to dry and store herbs, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Stay on for the Yogurt-Making Seminar to learn how and why to make your own yogurt at home.

Call for Volunteers

Don't just attend PF, become PorcFest, by contributing your unique skills and talents. We are still seeking volunteers for videography and the sound boards. Email if you can help.


Thanks to our Sponsors

A big thanks to SatoshiDice, Centinel Consulting, Sakal CAI, Free Keene, Coinapult, giftable designs, Mail-to-Jail, Silver Circle, Brainless Tales, The New Hamshire Liberty Alliance, The Center for Natural Living, Porcupine Real Estate, and the Atlas Society. See the sponsors page to visit the wonderful businesses and organizations who have made PorcFest possible with their generous support.