This Week's Special Events: Indigo Night Crawl and FIT's Connecting the Dots: Sustainable Fashion, Beauty & Health Symposium New York City is calling


This Week's Special Events: Indigo Night Crawl and FIT's Connecting the Dots: Sustainable Fashion, Beauty & Health Symposium

New York City is calling Botanical Colors back for some more natural dyeing love. Catch us at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan this Friday, on July 12th, from 7-10 p.m. for an Indigo Night Crawl! That's right, vats of indigo, growlers of local beer, munchies and YOU dipping a summer shawl for some Shibori fun? Sounds amazing. Register here.

You can also find Botanical Colors at FIT's "Connecting the Dots: A Sustainable Fashion, Beauty & Health Symposium" this Thursday, July 11th.
We'll be there presenting on sustainable color trends in the fashion industry, plus offering our take on Autumn 2014 color trends - come and check out our special trend book with swatches all in natural dyes.
Sign up here.

Winning Photos!


Coreopsis dyed skeins

Congratulations to Sandy Topy of Sweethaven Farm in Shelby County, Kentucky for winning our last newsletter contest on "natural inspiration."
Here's what she had to say about her photos:

"I was very active in dyeing and working in the wool until a full time job got in the way. I’m looking forward to December when the job and I go away together and I can return to fibers full time.

In the meantime, my neighbor’s field of wildflowers (planted of course) called out to me. The dye was very intense and I’m sure I could have done another pot. The yarn is my own, Sweethaven Farm, 70% Romney wool and 30% mohair, processed by Zeilingers a few years ago. I will probably weave her a scarf in the fall."

We loved these Sandy and will be sending you 150 grams of whole cochineal for inspiring us as well!

Want to explore more natural inspiration? Visit our site.

New Color Recipes - Sneak Peek into Fall 2014

The last two weeks have been spent in a hot dye studio (hot for Seattle, that is) creating color and we're experimenting with a few that are trend-forward for 2014. Learning about and creating color trends is always a bit of an out of body experience as we're just coming into the glorious Seattle summer and looking way ahead to a Fall in the future.

All shades of blue including a blackened indigo remain very strong for Fall 2014 including a quiet, utilitarian gray blue that we are calling Cadet. It's a super easy color on wool by using 6% Saxon Blue and 3% Liquid Lac. I love being able to create blue without hauling out the indigo vat.

Inspired by Dawn Michelle Russell of Della Terra Designs, this iron oxide color uses 5% pomegranate, 5% cutch and 4% madder extract. It's a rich browned orange that's being used as a color accent and to "pop" other neutrals. A classic with brown, but also intriguing with some of the darker grays that are showing for Fall 2014, or Cadet blue. If you want to see a wonderful piece, check out Dawn's handwoven silk and shifu paper scarf that has been rust dyed with old rebar. Very elegant and beautiful.

Rust dye 2 copy

Image courtesy of artcraftdesignreference site

Cadet Blue Pantone copy

Cadet (far right) carries into fall 2014 with its calming influence

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