Line Up The recent performances by Trisha Brown Dance Company at the Walker prompted dance educators to introduce her work to new generations of stud

LineUp Segal

Line Up in the Walker Sculpture Garden, 2008. Photo by Gene Pittman, Courtesy Walker Art Center

Line Up

The recent performances by Trisha Brown Dance Company at the Walker prompted dance educators to introduce her work to new generations of students. Line Up is a movement activity developed by choreographer Trisha Brown that reflects her interest in the interplay between structure and improvisation. It is also the basis for a resource set in ArtsConnectEd that features this movement lesson for students and provides a brief illustrated introduction to the work of Trisha Brown.

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As a lens into post-modern dance in the 1960s and 1970s, Line Up also serves as a jumping off point in considering how post-modern dance reflects the social, political and aesthetic milieu of that time. This Art Collector Set was developed through a partnership between Walker Art Center and Perpich Center for Arts Education (Dance Outreach).

What do dance, math, chemistry and ESL have in common?

Teacher Shortage Areas

Each winter, the Minnesota Board of Teaching and U.S. Department of Education determine teacher shortage areas for the upcoming academic year in Minnesota. For the fourth year in a row, DANCE is included in the Teacher Shortage Areas for 2014-15. Dance, like all the arts, is identified in Minnesota's Academic Standards as a core academic subject area. View the Teacher Shortage Areas letter.

The Teacher Shortage Area designation has important implications for schools, students, dance educators and administrators:
* K12 Schools are required to offer three arts areas from among the legislatively identified art areas of Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Art, and Media Arts. K-12 arts specialist licenses exist for dance, theater, music and visual art.
* The Minnesota Board of Teaching may grant special permission to individuals allowing them to teach in subject content areas for which they may not be fully licensed when a school district has attempted, but is unable to hire a fully licensed teacher. The school must apply for special permission, not the teacher.
* Dance Arts Integration and Teaching Artist residencies - when thoughtfully implemented - help ensure that Minnesota students have access to dance experiences, especially crucial if a school does not have a licensed K-12 Dance Specialist.
* DOE approval of the proposed shortage areas in Minnesota may benefit student grant and loan recipients who are qualified to teach in the· academic disciplines, grade levels, and/or geographic regions in Minnesota where the designated teacher shortages currently occur.


Karla Nweje teaching Sowu Dance

Karla Nweje

East Side Arts Council Recognition

Teaching Artist Karla Nweje was highlighted in the recent e-newsletter from East Side Arts Council. Ms. Nweje is currently teaching as part of ESAC's in-school Global Dance residency at Phalen Lake Elementary and has been a long-time affiliate in Perpich Center Outreach Programs... read more

The East Side Arts Council is a community arts organization offering accessible, low-cost or free arts programs led by accomplished professional artists, ESAC celebrates the diversity of its neighborhood and builds appreciation of the arts. Click here to find out more about this extraordinary organization!

Dance/USA Conference June 18 -21

Scholarships & Volunteer Opportunities

The Minneapolis Host Committee for the 2014 Dance/USA Conference is pleased to offer scholarships to members of the Minnesota dance community to attend the annual conference in Minneapolis, June 18-21, 2014. For complete guidelines and how to apply: Dance/USA Scholarships. The deadline to apply for scholarship application is March 31.

Volunteer opportunities are also available. Volunteers will receive a 1-day conference pass (free registration) for the day you volunteer. Conference events run morning, afternoon, and evening, so you'll be scheduled for a few hours of volunteer duties during that time, and able to attend sessions and participate in events outside of your volunteer hours that day. Find out more and apply: Dance/USA Volunteer Sign-Up

See Dance/USA 2014 Conference in Minneapolis to find out more about the conference.


Professional Development


Monday March 31
9:00 AM - 12 Noon
Good coffee, great colleagues, no fee, just email DanceCAT if you're coming. Meet in the Glass Box at Perpich Center for Arts Education.

Perpich Arts Courses for Educators: Dance

Perpich Outreach staff and Instructors are in the midst of planning meetings and site visit work during March & April with participating schools:

Academia César Chávez; St. Paul
ACGC School District; Atwater, Cosmos & Grove City
Evergreen Park World Cultures Community School; Brooklyn Center
Moreland Arts & Health Science Magnet; West St. Paul
Southside Family Charter School; Minneapolis
Twin Cities German Immersion School; St. Paul


Diane Aldis,
State Dance Education Coordinator
Perpich Center for Arts Education
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Colleen Callahan, President of MN Dance Educators Coalition
Dr. Julie Kerr-Berry, Director of MSU Dance Program, MN State University at Mankato, MN
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