Director's Note The winter holidays are a time for reflection on what is going well and what we all have to be grateful for. As director of the SoCal


Director's Note

The winter holidays are a time for reflection on what is going well and what we all have to be grateful for. As director of the SoCal League, I have MUCH to be grateful for as I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity I have to work within the high school mountain biking movement!

I'm grateful that Matt Fritzinger had the silly idea he could start a cycling club at Berkeley HS almost 15 years ago. I'm grateful that Quintin Reich worked to bring high school mountain biking to SoCal and brought the Easton Foundations to the table to kick start the League. I'm grateful for our generous Donor Paceline who help us bridge funding gaps to help the League function and provide scholarships. I'm grateful for our fantastic sponsors who believe in high school mountain biking enough to invest in it. I'm grateful for the race production partners and land managers who assist us in securing venues for races and camps. I'm grateful for the parents and guardians who support our student-athletes through the season. But most importantly I'm grateful for our coaches and student-athletes. Our student-athletes for taking up the challenging sport of mountain biking and giving their all through the season at races, practices, and other club and League events. And our coaches for the HUGE commitment of their time (they’re all volunteers!), their minds, and their HEARTS in teaching their charges to build their bodies, minds, and CHARACTERS through the power of the bike!

See you in the Dirt Zone!

Matt Gunnell
SoCal League Director

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Dirt Club clinic January 2012

Winter Rider Clinics

The SoCal League is pleased to offer two one day rider clinics this winter. Saturday January 19th at the Dirt Club in Los Olivos (site of our League Final in May) and Saturday February 2nd at Vail Lake in Temecula (site of our Season Opener in February). Registration is open now! These clinics are appropriate for any rider but focused on beginner to intermediate riders --- both new to the League and returning. Additionally, middle school aged riders may attend to get an idea about what the SoCal League is all about! Come on out, refresh your skills, and meet the riders you'll be racing with this spring!

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Riders navigate a cone pattern at the LUNA clinic. - Photo courtesy Laura Drexler

LUNA Clinic

LUNA is a brand within NICA sponsor Clif Bar and Company that focuses on products created by and for women. The Team LUNA Chix Program brings together women interested in learning new sports, staying active and inspiring others to do the same. It includes a professional women's mountain bike team (where US Olympic bronze medalist Georgia Gould races) as well as 26 local teams around the country.

The SoCal League is lucky enough to have several LUNA Chix involved in our program as coaches on various clubs. One of these is new coach Laura Drexler who is involved with the Eastlake HS team in Chula Vista. Coach Drexler and a teammate from the San Diego LUNA Chix recently hosted a clinic for the young ladies of the Eastlake High School team. The event was a success and the girls present had a great time, learned new skills and ways to look at mountain biking, and even got some SWAG :-)


Coach Twitchell of Newbury Park HS practices patching up Coach Aguilar of Murrieta Mesa HS.

Wilderness First Aid

On December 8-9, 30 SoCal League coaches, 2 SoCal League student-athletes, and 2 Utah League coaches took part in Wilderness First Aid for Mountain Bikers and CPR training at Channel Islands High School in Oxnard. Why? Because though we try to make our programs as safe as possible, occasionally, things are bound to go wrong. We firmly believe that the best way to meet this challenge is by preparing our coaches to think, plan, and act in ways that will prevent most issues but also to prepare for the times when they will have to address issues they are faced with. We hope you will join us in giving a virtual round of applause for their commitment to the quality of our programs! We also hope you will join us at our next training (tentatively scheduled for December 7-8, 2013) or seek out your own training before then!

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A still from the "Singletrack High" teaser

Singletrack High is Coming!

In Fall of 2011 Jacob and Isaac Seigel-Boettner of Pedal Born Productions approached NICA with a proposal to make a film about high school mountain bike racing.

Jacob and Isaac followed a diverse handful of student athletes through the 2012 NorCal League season, documenting the positive impacts of keeping kids outdoors on bikes at the age when many trade in two wheels for four. The film is presented by Specialized Bicycle Components.

Singletrack High will be premiering spring 0f 2013. The SoCal League hopes to have several screening opportunities available. Take a look at the great teaser HERE and keep your eyes open for screenings near you!

SoCal Facebook Pages

The SoCal League has two official presences on facebook. We have left our facebook "group" and gone to a facebook "page" for general league information. Please "like" and share the official SoCal League page by clicking HERE.

We also have a group for our coaches and staff to interact. This is a closed "group" called the SoCal High School Cycling League Coach Zone. If you are currently a coach, a volunteer that is part of the ongoing management at races, or seriously considering launching a new club you can ask to join by clicking HERE.


Jan 19 Rider Clinic, Los Olivos

Feb 2 Rider Clinic, Temecula

Jun 24-28 Rider Camp, Lake Arrowhead

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