Sarah's Update Picking Up Where We Left Off The messages and cards wishing Sarah well have been overwhelming!! Carl V. sent a card with a picture of


Sarah's Update

Picking Up Where We Left Off

curious c

Curious Sarah

The messages and cards wishing Sarah well have been overwhelming!! Carl V. sent a card with a picture of a beautiful goat on the front. We know one day soon Sarah will look just as stunning.

Not only has this little girl snatched our hearts but it's apparent her story has touched so many of you. Therefore, we thought your heartfelt concern warranted an update.

First, Sarah is responding very well to her rehabilitation program. The initial internal parasites we isolated are gone but another one revealed itself under a subsequent diagnostic test. We're on it though, with the right medication at the appropriate dose, thanks to our top notch veterinarian. We'll keep tabs to be sure it's eradicated.

Second, and the best news - she gained 10 pounds in 20 days!!!


Silly Sarah

Third, Sarah is turning out to be a real character. We noticed that with her exceedingly high curiosity quotient, getting her head caught in the fencing was a foregone conclusion.

With some expert advice from goat professionals we learned about a unique preventative measure crafted with plastic PVC.

Sarah of course is unphased by the contraption on top of her head and fastened to her horns and goes about browsing her pasture as though nothing is any different. Could she be using it to search the night sky for extraterrestrial goats?

We, on the other hand, are pleased that until she is fully-rehabilitated and ready for adoption to a forever home, her head will keep her out of trouble!!


Lovely Sarah

Last, we've been so touched by your kindness and compassion for Sarah that we decided to teach her a couple tricks as a Thank You from Sarah and HSSF for believing like we do -- that animals matter and their lives have a profound impact on our souls.

We hope you appreciate her token of gratitude.

Sarah's Gift

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Thank you for your support!!


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