"I wonder where that guy is that used to live down the hall from me? He was from Alaska. I'd love to catch up with him again." Have you ever thought

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"I wonder where that guy is that used to live down the hall from me? He was from Alaska. I'd love to catch up with him again."

Have you ever thought those words? Have you lost your yearbook? Do you remember part of someone’s name? Are you moving and looking for some business connections? The Alumni Office can assist you in two ways.

One: You may request any of your missing yearbooks from the Alumni Office. If the yearbooks are available, they will be mailed to you for a donation (at a minimum cost of shipping).

Two: We provide you the opportunity to update all of your information and purchase an Alumni Directory through PCI (information below). This is a great way to reconnect with your fellow Warriors around the world. While it would be perhaps easiest if everyone was online, that is not the case and this directory can help you find that lost classmate.

Commencement is this weekend and time has flown by this year. Please pray for our students as they prepare for what lies ahead. Pray for our faculty as they renew, research, and revise their plans for the coming year. Pray for our staff as we continue to work to make SC stronger and stronger.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. If you would like to be a Prayer Warrior for Sterling College, please contact the Alumni Office to be added to either the e-mail list or the snail mail list. We would love to have you!

Here’s to all the good memories that this time of year brings and prayers for each of you,

Amy Thompson '96
Director of Alumni & Parent Relations.


Bruce Bryant Interview

Sterling College: When did you graduate from Sterling College?
Bruce Bryant: 1971

SC: What were your major and minor?

BB: Business economics and the minors were accounting and psychology.

SC: What activities were you involved with while on campus?

BB: Wow. Activities I’m proud of, right? My first year or so, I was student government representative. I played basketball my freshman year, was part of the start of Alpha Phi Omega, played intramurals, Business club and business manager of The Roundup. There were probably a couple of other organizations. I also worked for the education department as the audiovisual guy on campus – ran school movies and videotaped football games, as well as training the future teachers in how to use all sorts of AV equipment.

SC: What residence hall did you live in?
BB: Kilbourn for two years and then Campbell for a year and a half. I graduated in December of my senior year. There were no freshmen in Campbell back then; you moved up to Campbell. I was actually on third floor in the “penthouse suites.”

SC: What are you doing now?
BB: I work for the Walgreen Company. I am a senior vice president spending most of my time in operations for the last 41 years. I walked off the campus and a week or two later landed my job at Walgreens. God has been very good to us in allowing such a great career.

SC: Do you have children? What are their names? Did they go to Sterling College?
BB: I found my wife, Barb (Mooney) fs73, while at Sterling. We got married after two years, so we left and she finished her degree at the University of Colorado. We have three daughters, Jennifer, Kristin, and Megan. Jennifer has a masters from Marquette University, Kristin got her undergrad from Taylor University and her masters in business administration from University of North Carolina. Megan graduated from Westmont College a couple of years ago. I also might add we have four grandkids, so maybe they will go to Sterling.

SC: Where do you live?
BB: We have lived in Colorado, Missouri and now Libertyville, Illinois.

SC: How did your experience and time at Sterling College shape you?
BB: Well, I think Sterling certainly shaped me socially because it allowed me to get involved in a lot of things and get to know a lot of people. Retreats and chapels, as well as the social aspect, gave me a good foundation for dealing with life and people. I feel like I got a good education. The classes I had here went a long way in making me well-rounded. Sterling also kept me in check spiritually when it came to not doing what a lot of people do when they go to college.

SC: What did you enjoy or appreciate most about Sterling College?
BB: Probably knowing professors personally and the chance to participate in many different things.

SC: Have you remained involved on the campus?
BB: Not really, until recently. I really failed to reconnect with Sterling in a meaningful way until this last year. I got to know Dr. Maurer and came to Homecoming in the fall. It was the first time I’d been since the late ’70s. To get reconnected now, to folks I saw at homecoming and to the College, is kind of nice and I’ll stay reconnected as long as I feel God allows.

SC: Do you mind if we include an email address so people can get a hold of you?
BB: bbjkm@aol.com


Share the LOVE

The third annual Love Sterling event took place on Saturday, April 28, starting at 9:00 a.m. Love Sterling was started as a way for the students, faculty, and staff of Sterling College to give back to the community that has supported them for so long. Since its inception, the event has grown to include volunteers from the community.

This year brought about 250 volunteers out into the community for a variety of projects, including painting. Everyone seemed to enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather as well as the opportunity to do something for the community, including Sterling native, Emily Walker. "We had a great day loving Sterling by painting the outside of the local bowling alley. It was a long day and we used 30 gallons of paint, but it looks great!"

To watch a short video from the day, click here.


Why Do an Alumni Directory?

The Alumni Directory is a great opportunity for you to update your information so that you are receiving the most up-to-date information from your Alma Mater. Please take 10 minutes to call Publishing Concepts, Inc (PCI). Publishing Concepts is one of the top companies in the industry and is happy to assist you in updating your information and offering you the option to purchase the new alumni directory, which will be delivered in October or November of this year.

The price is higher than previous directories because of the work done by this outside company. We want to provide our alumni with a quality product, and we believe this is the best way to do so. The direct number to PCI’s customer service is 800.982.1590 if you have any questions.

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Guest and Conference Services

Whether passing through Sterling this summer or gathering for a reunion, we would love to have you stay with us on campus! We have five guestrooms available, two of which are located on the top floor of Cooper Hall. We also have dorm rooms available, perfect for your larger get-togethers. Our rooms are affordable, convenient, and keep you in the center of Sterling for your visit. Call Guest and Conference Services today at 620.278.2173 to make your reservation. For more information visit us online.



Interested in catching up with campus news? Our marketing and communications office has been working with our STIR editors to place all of this year’s editions online and you can read them here.


Heritage Convocation

Once a year, the campus gathers to celebrate the rich heritage of Sterling College. Some years this convocation has focused on the legacy of a specific family or department, while other years look at the history of our institution as a whole. This year, in conjunction with the pending retirement of Gordon Kling and Diane DeFranco-Kling, the Heritage Convocation highlighted the legacy of the theatre at Sterling College and the blessings of theatre professors, Diane and Gordon.

“The Heritage Convocation is to show the students that they are a part of something bigger than their four years here,” said Amy Thompson, director of parent and alumni relations. “The institutional verse of the year is ‘One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.’ (Psalm 145:4) We tried to fulfill that this year in the Heritage Convocation, specifically relating to the theatre department and the Klings.”

A number of people contributed to the celebration of the theatre at SC including current students Ryan Ehresman, Raven Taylor, Shane Rogers and the Highland Singers who led us in the Alma Mater.

Sterling College Theatre, Speech, Elocution and Expression professors:
1911-1912 Mabel Lindley and Ethel Rogers
1912-1913 Florence Nelson
1913-1914 M Aleeth Willard A.B.
1915-1917 Helen L McClanahan
1919-1920 Verna A Matrau
1921-1924 J. Clayton Foster
1926-1927 LaVerne C Bane
1928-1929 C Dorr Demaray A.M.
1929-1930 Leroy T Laase and Mrs. Leroy T Laase
1930-1931 Glenn A Pinkham M.S.
1936-1939 William W Hamilton
1939-1940 James G Barton
1940-1942 William Hamilton
1942-1943 Mrs. Hal Woods
1943-1944 Margaret Birch
1944-1946 Ruth Ann Hutchens
1946-1952 Daye Brunton
1952-1953 Lucile Tonsfeldt
1953-1974 Clayton Campbell
1965-1966 Howard Hoffman
1966-1968 Charles “Pete” Kenyon ‘61
1968-2012 Gordon Kling
1971-2012 Diane DeFranco-Kling



For the first time in school history, the Sterling College Warrior baseball program has reached 40 wins in a single year. Sterling's 40th win came on Senior Day in game two of a double header between Sterling and Tabor. Win number 40 clinched a share of the KCAC Regular Season Championship for Sterling and the top seed in the KCAC Championship Tournament. Sterling currently has a record of 40-12. (Read complete story here.)

Not only did our men set an outstanding record this year, but they became 2012 KCAC Regular Season Champs! (Read complete story here.)

The baseball team also secured the KCAC tournament title over the weekend and will travel to Oklahoma City to represent the conference in the NAIA national tournament.


Seize Summer: Servant Leadership Camp

Sterling College is hosting a Servant Leadership Camp this June! This camp is for students in grades 7-12 who are interested in growing spiritually, developing leadership skills, building new relationships, and serving the community. The camp is created to turn the unique strengths of SC into a week-long program for teenagers. Under the guidance of the Theology and Ministry professors, Sterling students will be leading and teaching the events through the week. For more information about the camp, and to register online, check out our website.



Are you looking for ways to stay connected with YOUR Alma Mater? Here are some places to check for the most up-to-date information. The Sterling College webpage. The Sterling College Alumni Facebook page, Sterling College Parents Facebook page, the Sterling College Facebook page or the Sterling College Warrior Athletics Facebook page are all great places to stay in touch with the current news of the College.

If you prefer to no longer receive these emails, please contact the Alumni Office at alumni@sterling.edu.

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