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Newsletter #93 for September 4, 2012

Trust Your Instincts

A recent incident in Kentucky where a system was contacted by someone impersonating state field staff serves as an important reminder. While not common, there are dubious persons out there with less-than-honorable intentions.

Make sure to ask for identification when contacted by someone new.
If information is too good (or too bad) to be true, check the facts.
If red flags are raised, document as many details as you can.
Don't share important system details over the phone.
Call your regular regional staff person if you're not sure.


Weekly Reading for September 4, 2012

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

Rural water allocations may need adjustments - Tribes still lacking in sufficient water supplies, Arizona close to utilizing it's allocation.
How to calculate specific capacity - Use a simple equation to determine this important figure for a new groundwater well.
Do you charge a meter reread fee? - Your fee schedule should adequately cover the customer services you provide.
Gilbert treatment plant fails to fluoridate water - Water system managers placed on administrative leave after failing to add fluoride for 13 months.
Irrigators cheated water meters, state says - Three Kansas irrigators have been charged with running their meters backwards.

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Small Talk: Outreach Tip of the Week

Follow your fellow utilities on social media, subscribe to their newsletters etc. to get specific ideas about how and what to communicate to you customers.

Each week, we're sharing a quick tip to help you educate the public and communicate more effectively with local decision makers and customers.


Video of the Week

In each week's newsletter, we highlight an excellent video worth watching. That video is also be featured on our home page during the week. Visit our archive for past features.

This week's video presents background on the Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) initiative and describes how WARN programs were started, the current status of WARN programs across the United States, and the benefits of WARN.


Background on the WARN Initiative

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September 5 - WERF: Modifications to Minimize Odor and Pathogens at Wastewater Facilities
This webinar will discuss key findings from a multi-year research project in an effort to help wastewater utilities more effectively handle issues related to regrowth, odors, and sudden increase of indicator and other bacteria in biosolids.

September 13 - USEPA: Sustainability Planning for Utilities
This webcast will focus on how utilities can engage with various stakeholders in the community to establish sustainability goals that reflect utility and community priorities.

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Grant funding in action for tribal water needs
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National utility organization announces free online access to upcoming conference.


New Tribal Interest Group

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