President's Message: Greetings Great Plains Region Board, What a wonderful weekend we just had. We met in friendship, learned, ate and made a renewe


President's Message:

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Greetings Great Plains Region Board,

What a wonderful weekend we just had. We met in friendship, learned, ate and made a renewed commitment to Hadassah. Our presenters provided us with some of the most interesting and helpful information we have had in a long time. Actually, it has been a long time since we have seen each other; however, we have another chance to meet at our Mid-West National Geographical Training (Blueprint) on June 1st. For more information about this meeting, please contact Teree Farbstein,

I truly appreciate and thank you for all the compliments I am receiving about the Board training and business meeting. Many thanks and cudos to Ellen Hershkin, National PRAZE Chair, for her training and her sincere, humorous and knowledgeable presentations. Now, it is up to you to tell your members what you have learned. Presidents, have your chapter Boards do the same thing you did in your training on March 29th -- create job descriptions that will work for your chapter. Your boards will have more of a “buy-in” when they create job descriptions for themselves.

You now know more about the Hadassah Foundation after hearing from Foundation member and Past Region President, Dale Marcus. You saw two new Hadassah videos: one about Hadassah Hospital and the other about Youth Aliyah featuring Eddie Cantor, a popular entertainer in the 50’s and 60’s. And our luncheon speaker, author Diane Bleyer, from St. Louis and past Region officer inspired us to follow our dreams no matter what obstacles we may discover standing in our way.

A special thanks to Region Treasurer, Sherry Abramowitz, who is following in Teree Farbstein’s, footsteps, getting out your checks in a timely manner and for her Treasurers’ Training at the meeting. For those of you who requested Revenue Shares and have fulfilled the requirements for them, you will receive your checks in the next few days. Remember to send your reimbursement forms with your receipts and self-addressed stamped envelope to Sherry at 12008 Horton Street, Apt. 56, Overland Park, KS 66209.

Here is a question: Did you open your Leader’s Digest this past Wednesday? National Hadassah has tried to eliminate so many emails, as you have requested, and put everything in this one email. It replaces the JTA. It will be sent to all Hadassah leadership (those on chapter PIF’s) every Wednesday. Please open the Hadassah Leader's Digest email.

HMO-Hadassah Medical Organization: Your donations are at work. HMO doctors and nurses are comforting patients, easing pain, saving lives, and life-saving research goes on in HMO laboratories. Many departments are relocating or have located to floors in the Tower. Dale Marcus showed us pictures and gave an extensive report on the Tower. National President Marcie Natan has sent you the message that your support is critical, right now. Encourage your members to send their contributions electronically to:, by snail mail or through your chapter treasurers. Your contributions will go to where you designate and they are safe.

Negotiations are on-going in Israel at this time. The Section 350 court order to reorganize ends in May. See the banner below and click for current updates. I will keep you as up-to-date as I can and feel free to call me with any questions. It is time to stand up for Hadassah!

Nominating Committee: At our business meeting, we elected a nominating committee to present a slate of officers for the Region for 2015. The elected Chair of the Committee is Carol Herzog, Past Region President. Committee members are Sherry Abramowitz, Linda Ehrensaft, Susan Golding, Joan Katz, Beth Mayer, and Tiffany Zacker, The alternates are Judy Eglash and Wendy Huss. If you wish to submit a name of someone you think you would like the Committee to consider for a Region office, please feel free to contact any of them. Their contact information is in the directory.

• The Great Plains Region Dinner at the Hadassah National Convention in Las Vegas will be on Monday, July 21st, at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant in the Fashion Show Shopping Center - just diagonally across the street from the Convention hotel. There will be a very nice spread of food and you will have a selection of fish, pasta, vegetables, salads and desserts. The cost is $55.00 per person. Once you make your Convention reservations and choose to come to the Region dinner to socialize with your Great Plains Region sisters and associates, please fill out the form in this newsletter and send it to Evelyn Lowenthal (

Our next Region Board meeting will be November 1-2, 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel in Northbrook, IL. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. You will not want to miss this meeting.

In the spirit of Hadassah, have a Happy Passover.


Hadassah Values

1 - Pikuach Nefesh - We must Value Life. One Life at a Time.
2 - Klal Yisrael - We Must Embrace that We Are One
3 - Tikkun Olam - We Have A Duty to Repair The World
4 - M'Dor L'Dor - We Must Teach the Next Generation to Care for Each Other and The World


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