Happy Thanksgiving! It only took me 30 minutes to collect these fruits and vegetables from my orchard and garden, and didn't take that much longer to


Happy Thanksgiving!


It only took me 30 minutes to collect these fruits and vegetables from my orchard and garden, and didn't take that much longer to weave the basket - how about that!

Halloween has come and gone but thank God the candy is still here. Luckily my kids aren't candy-crazy (unlike their dad) so the bowls should have a steady supply for weeks to come.

Middle school football has run its course and the main fall season for soccer is over. In October, Ian and I had a father-son weekend up at Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. We had a blast hiking, fishing, and just hanging out around the campfire in the evenings. The weather was perfect!

Thanksgiving will be here soon and I know that I have much to be thankful for. I have truly been blessed with an incredible wife, family, and friends. I know I have what I need and that all other things are added blessings from God's bounty. Also this month is Veterans Day. Be sure and thank all of the veterans in your life for their service to this, the greatest country on earth.

Normally this isn't a forum for politics but on Tuesday the most important election in the history of our country will take place. It'll be a referendum on whether or not the United States will shift even closer to a big-government, social welfare state (i.e. Western Europe) or remain a beacon where individual liberties trump the powers of an ever expanding government. Go out and vote, and remember: the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.


On The Boards

There have been quite a few new projects added to the boards over the past few weeks. Some have been projects that I've helped other architects or designers with to produce construction documents and still others are in various stages of design development for my own clients.

This month instead of featuring a specific project I would like to share with you renderings of houses that I've designed over the past year or so.

Pampa Drive, Twin Creeks, Allen

photo 2

Estate Home, Lucas

photo 3

Proposed Elevation, Kalinke Residence

Kalinke Elevation

Elevation, Whitehurst Residence


Elevation, Ogden Residence


On the Lighter Side

Gary Larson's "The Far Side"


Fall Maintenance & Planting Tips


Although grass appears to stop growing in the fall, the roots are actually growing deeper to prepare for winter. Now would be the best time to fertilize and, if you want to maintain a green lawn throughout the winter, over seed with winter rye. Pruning your trees and shrubs after the leaves have changed will encourage healthy growth in the spring.

Just because we're going into late fall and early winter months doesn't mean your landscaping has to be bereft of color. Pansies, ornamental cabbage, narcissus, and kale are just a few examples of what you can use to brighten up your beds. It's best to wait until the evening temperatures are below 70 degrees to plant your pansies because they don't like the heat.

Some edibles that make for wonderful color in the colder months include red leafed lettuce, radiccio, and deep purple Osaka mustard. Some types of hollies also offer a variety of color with their berries.

Install weather stripping or caulking around windows and doors to prevent drafts and lower heating bills. Replace the filter in your furnace and consider having an HVAC professional check your heating system to ensure optimal performance in the coming winter months. It's a good idea to know where the shut-off valve is to your house in case of freezing and/or bursting pipes.

ReStore NCC

Located at 2060 Couch Drive in Southeast McKinney they offer donated merchandise for sale at a discount. The store is open to the public and the proceeds help to fund the various Habitat projects in the area.

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