I Love Photography: May 2013Studio Visit with Cara Barer On a recent visit to Houston, I stopped by Cara Barer's studio to get a glimpse of how she


I Love Photography: May 2013

Studio Visit with Cara Barer


Cara Barer and Susan Spiritus

On a recent visit to Houston, I stopped by Cara Barer's studio to get a glimpse of how she does what she does!
Without giving away any of her secrets, I was given permission to show my readers some of the highlights of her studio. Enjoy the visuals (shot by me on my iPhone).

Some of Cara's earlier creations were held together with beeswax (from the back side) rendering them far less beautiful as an object, especially when compared to the original photograph, both seen below.


New Century


New Century


The artist in her studio

Cara's 'work' room precedes the entrance to the studio and it gives you the immediate clue that this artist is all about books - they are everywhere and with all of the bookshelves tightly packed to the gills, there are yet additional vertical book shelves with more - literally, floor to ceiling! You have no idea if these are soon to be recycled into her art, or whether they are for her to read. Clearly, she has plenty of material at her fingertips.

The new image below, Lilac, was an experiment with the artist applying paint to the book's pages. Cara did say that it doesn't always work, but Lilac is one of her successes!

barer lilac 800x 1



Lilac from another view

In the image below we see Lilac, Journey to Zaragosa, Sunset and Psychedelic with a sample print of New Century tacked to the wall.


Sunset, Lilac, Journey to Zaragosa and Psychedelic with a sample print of New Century on the wall


Psychedelic with clothespin


The artist arranging Sunset with Lilac and Journey to Zaragosa


Cara's images have been used on the covers of many published books

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Storage....for Winston's, 1966, Road to Robinhood Bay and Detritus Recycled amongst others.

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