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Newsletter #100 for October 24, 2012


It's Time to Celebrate: 100 Newsletters and 1000 Subscribers!

When we published our first newsletter in August of 2010, our project was still in a pilot phase to even see if it would work. Given the relatively small size of our community, we're proud of our efforts that have allowed us to reach 1000 subscribers!

Those of you who receive this newsletter represent a diverse cross-section of the industry - from many operators (at systems of all sizes) to staff working to serve small systems and the public. It's amazing what the Internet can do to bring us all together.

In celebration of these two milestones, we'd like to invite you to forward this edition on to a friend and recommend they too sign up to receive these weekly emails from SmallWaterSupply.org!

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Winterizing for Consumers and Small Water Systems
As cold weather approaches, use these resources to prepare your water system for winter, to inform your customers of winterizing best practices, and to help them thaw their frozen pipes safely.

Podcast offers light-hearted training for operators
Water Sifu podcast is worth a listen to brush up on basic knowledge or while preparing for an exam.

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Small Talk: Outreach Tip of the Week

Host a semi-annual open house where customers can come learn about the water system, ask questions, and offer input.

Each week, we offer a quick tip to help you educate the public and communicate more effectively with local decision makers and customers.


Video of the Week

In each week's newsletter, we highlight an excellent video worth watching. That video is also featured on our home page during the week. Visit our archive for past features.

This video discusses how you can track different types of microbes in your wastewater to determine potential problem conditions, such as low pH, low DO, low F/M ratio, septicity, excessive grease and oils, or nutrient deficiencies.


Wastewater Microbiology


Weekly Reading for October 23, 2012

Each week we share a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

Freezing temperatures prevent Alaska village from replenishing water tanks - Residents will need to melt ice and snow for basic daily needs through six months of winter.
Uproar in tribal communities over plan to use sewage effluent for snow making - 13 tribes were part of failed lawsuit to prevent ski resort's plans.
Wastewater treatment: The technical parts explained for non-technical people - RCAP has produced resources that explain the technical aspects of operating a wastewater system in simple ways that non-technical people can understand.
40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act - Check out US EPA's coverage of this week's anniversary of this landmark law.

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SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar

Upcoming Free Webinars

November 5 - USEPA: Troubleshooting the Partnership Process
System to system partnerships that include operator mentoring, sharing equipment, third-party billing, contract management, and even ownership transfer are real solutions to address everything from shrinking utility resources to regulatory compliance issues. But forming a new partnership can be tricky! Join this webinar to learn from the experience of those involved with the formation of the Lower Rio Grande Public Water Works Authority and the El Valle Water Alliance. Bring your partnership troubleshooting questions to the webinar and get some advice from this panel of experts!

November 8 - NRWA: Satellite Meter Reading
This session on automated meter reading (AMR) focuses on all AMR approaches, including all existing and a new satellite-based technology. AMR provides reduced operational costs, improved data accuracy, improved cash flow budgeting and improved customer service/public relations. The satellite-based technology provides additional unique advantages working in conjunction with existing technology. The technology provides up-to-minute meter information which can help in faster leak detection.

Want to find additional training opportunities for operators, including events in your area? Search the SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar for more online and in-person events.


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SmallWaterSupply.org is a free service, grant-funded to support small community water and wastewater operators with comprehensive resources and information in one easy-to-use place. We also serve the 800+ training, primacy, and technical service organizations, by helping operators get to their information. We aren't buying, selling, or advertising anything. You can call us at 1-866-522-2681 if you need assistance.

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