Hello, Welcome to our brand new Newsletter. Once every few months we aim to bring you the latest news and developments from Xact. In this issue, we b

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Welcome to our brand new Newsletter. Once every few months we aim to bring you the latest news and developments from Xact. In this issue, we bring you our latest packaging innovation, the 'W-Pack' which is gaining national press coverage. You can read about the brand new Girlabel plugin which we developed based on client feedback, this allows you to increase your 'use-by and display-until' flexibility. We also introduce the new PDG-4 machine, which can save over 12 tonnes of fruit a year using the most accurate weighing technology on the market. Plus there is much more! We hope you enjoy our news round up and we welcome any feedback you should have (please email rachel.bastow@xactpack.co.uk).

W-Pack 4

Variations on the 'W-Pack'

The New W-Pack

Keeping Up With Citrus Packing Trends

Xact, together with world leader Giró, have listened to customer demands and designed a new product, the ‘W Pack’. So called for the innovative ‘window’ area, the W Pack addresses the changing demands in stores for smaller packs with optimised display options.

Delivering on our promise to extend the life of machines and deliver flexible options to the market place, we have designed the ‘W-Pack’ which can simply be produced with a low cost addition kit to the ‘UB Girbagger’ range of machines.


W Pack on display in Asda

Xact's New 'W-Pack' on display in Asda

3 oranges in a row2

CA3 In-line Packing Machine

Inline Clipping Machine

The CA3 In-Line is a net packing machine for producing 3 or 4 products in a line from tubular net. It is ideally suited for use with products such as garlic, onions and oranges.

A device adjusts the net length according to the content and closes the bag with metal clips. The result is an attractive and tight package. The machine is equipped with an automatic tube change to reduce stops and increase the output and the wine glass label and bolduc tape are applied when required.

Cult Print and Apply Machine

The Cult - Print & Apply Machine - Click image for demonstration video

Introducing The Cult - Print & Apply Machine

Designed to be used with the most popular print engines such as SATO and Zebra, the Cult comes in two models.

You can choose either a 4" or 5" label with a speed of up to 20m per minute. The onboard electronics allow users to adjust the machine to choose your label speed.

The Cult offers a range of applications to make it possible to fit any labels.

Please click here to see the machine in action.


The new PDG-4, the most accurate citrus weigher on the market

12 Tons of fruit savings a year!

This is what the new PDG-4 could offer in a standard yearly production of 4 Million bags/year (based on a 1kg clementine bag).

Xact, in partnership with Giró have launched the new dynamic weighing PDG-4 machine. Ideal for citrus weighing, the PDG-4 is a breakthrough in accuracy, and undoubtedly the most accurate citrus weigher on the market.



Increased flexibility of 'Display Until' and 'Use By' date printing.


Xact in partnership with Giro, have listened to our customer feedback and we have produced new plugin software 'GirLabel 12', which is an upgrade version of the well-known GirLabel label editor.

“Display until” or “Best Before” dates on labels have always been a problem if production planning dictates that you should pack several days ahead of the batch being shipped to the distribution depot, as is the case with many fruit and vegetable pack houses.


Girlabel 3

Girlabel 12 Plugin Software - Increasing flexibility of date options


Xact Team Training in Italy

The Xact Technical Sales Team headed to the 'Label Engineering' Headquarters in Italy for a product training visit.

Label Engineering are our main supplier of labelling technologies and the training is a key part of our development to ensure our team are up to speed with the very latest innovations.

testata 850
IMG 1603

Some of the Xact Team during the Label Engineering visit

CA10 Machine

CA-10 Machine

CA-10, the World’s first automatic clipping machine using reels of net, saving 68% of the operator´s time!

The CA-10, by GIRO, is the World’s first automatic clipping machine using reels of net.

It revolutionises the world of traditional net clipped packing because, there is no need to remove the feeding tube to load the net.

There are several advantages with this innovation: greater autonomy of operation, use of net reels (which saves storage volume) and, most important, much less operator time because the net tubes do not need filling or replacing. It's often not obvious to Production Managers the amount of time that is taken in performing these simple tasks. However, with two CA-10 Clipping machines on one production line, it will save the labour of one full time person. In short: a great saving in operating cost.



Nemesis Catalogue

Click here to download our latest Checkweighing brochure

New Models For Checkweighing!

Nemesis announces new models for their Checkweighing range.

Click here to download our brand new catalogue.


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