February 1-28, 2014 mish-mash ; a motley assortment of things hodgepodge, potpourri, patchwork, smorgasbord, salmagundi, miscellany. Come join me f

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February 1-28, 2014

mish-mash ; a motley assortment of things
hodgepodge, potpourri, patchwork, smorgasbord, salmagundi, miscellany.

Come join me for 4 weeks of playful, soulful inspiration from my home studio, kitchen and camera. I'll share my favorite art projects, recipes and photography tips. You'll receive a daily newsletter which will include prompts, tutorials, recipes, videos and heavy doses of Deb Did It! Just like a mini-workshop every single day! It's fun, quirky, casual, homegrown and play-at-your-own-pace !
Each week of Mish Mash features a different theme from playful photography, cooking, creating and finally a reflective week of “Be. Here. Now.”

You can connect with me and other Mish Mash friends in a private Facebook Group and Flickr Group. That's where we will gather to share our creations and ideas, develop community, grow friendships and offer each other support. I believe you will manifest magic and feed your soul by connecting with others who share the same passion and desire to nurture the creative spirit within.

Q & A

“I'm a great cook, accomplished artist and already busy with access to Pinterest, Blogs and You Tube, why would I want to join your workshop?”
Because it will be fun, playful and inspiring to be a part of a small tribe. Connecting and resonating with others always feeds my own creativity and this is what I am offering. You can save your newsletters and links forever, and refer to them whenever you wish. Our Facebook and Flickr community will remain open forever, and just maybe we can meet up in real time someday!!

“Where did you come up with that name 'Mish Mash'?”
In the early 80’s, while working at a Texas Steak n Ale Restaurant, there was a lunch item on the menu titled Mish Mash. It was a chopped sirloin patty, served open face with gravy of stewed tomatoes, pepper and onion, sprinkled with cheddar cheese. I have always loved that quirky name and used it randomly to describe things that “crash into each other”

"What can I expect to receive from your workshop?”
You will receive daily Happy Mail to your inbox, full of inspiring ideas to SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL the Creative Muse within! You will be infused with inspiration to PLAY ! Let go, get messy and BE FREE !
You will meet kindred spirits which blossom into friendships that last a lifetime

“Can I gift this workshop to someone else?”
Of course, just post their email address when you sign up

some say this and that

"Mish Mash with Deb Taylor is by far the best on-line course I have ever taken part in. Deb offers herself openly and deeply, committing 100% to every aspect of her course. Each day's email brought something new, something fun and something different for each participant, whether you are an old hand at many of the offerings, or a beginner on any level, every part of this course offers insight into how a project can be completed, or not. Options are open to the participant. I was needing something fun and something where I could connect with other like minded women and Deb's course came along at the right moment. There were connections made in the group, there was laughter, there was support and encouragement. The most important aspect of what I took away from "Mish Mash" was how to play. Something I'd forgotten how to do. Deb's personality, her method of teaching and sharing opened windows and doors into parts of myself I had thought long forgotten and buried away. Thanks Deb for reminding me how to live wholly and completely with abandon, freedom, courage and whimsy." Sherry Smyth, Ontario, Canada

"the awesome times that I have spent with Deb creating, sharing, and laughing have created a confidence and rejuvenation in my life. I hold all of it so close to my heart. She is so amazing at guiding you into a better creative you! During the times that I have spent in Debs guidance to be artistic I have left each moment with more than just art...it has been an extreme gift!" Kim Neidel, Austin, Texas

"Deb, I love your attitude when doing workshops - Create with WILD ABANDON !! You have taught me to create with no judgement about my own work. Thank you" Nancy Quinn, Calgary, Alberta

"I refer to Deb as my creative muse. From mastering the art of cooking to sharing her knowledge for multi media art, her passion for life and personal expression is contagious." Amy Boland, San Antonio, Texas

"Arting with Deb is a huge creative jumpstart! You will be energized by her bright shiny personality. She is wonderful at sharing skills and ideas. You will come away much the richer for having spent time with her. I know I always do." Laurie Moeck, Tustin, Michigan

"Deb's zest for life is contagious, and you will feel lighter and brighter for having attended. Art heals. It really does help you remember what is important. So, go play with Deb and be amazed at how much better you feel while having fun." Keira Clark, Houston, Texas

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