From the President's Desk Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowzilla! Snowicane! If you listen to the hype, you might feel trepidation at the arrival of


From the President's Desk


Making lemonade

Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse! Snowzilla! Snowicane!

If you listen to the hype, you might feel trepidation at the arrival of a little ole Nor’Easter. But, in truth, one of the best kept secrets around these parts is snow days. Consider it a gift from the universe: time to catch up on projects or to hunker down with some cocoa for all-day movie marathons. And don’t forget the wonderful skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and other powdery play that follows.

And... Blizzard parties! The night Nemo arrived, more than fifteen Porcupines living within “trudging distance” (a few city blocks) gathered for cocktails and camaraderie. It is thrilling to experience firsthand the liberty community we are building in Manchester.

February is a busy month. Liberty Forum is right around the corner. The lineup is impressive, and we are spoiled for choice. Kudos to Chris Lawless and his great team of volunteers! The FSP is also a sponsor at the International Students for Liberty conference in D.C., where I will give a talk. The conference attracts more than 1,200 student liberty activists, and I’m confident we will snag new signers.

Can you believe registration for the Porcupine Freedom Festival is already open? Be sure to take advantage of the discounted rate, the price increases to $50 on February 25. On top of your ticket, consider becoming a Porcfest sponsor for $100+. This is a great way to support the FSP and receive extra perks.

Momentum continues to build. 169 new signers this month. Six movers... in February! Our social media outreach continues to explode. In fact, our Total Weekly Outreach on Facebook grew by 1,660% due to the “Blizzard and Beer” photo going viral (posted above). We also partnered with Ben Swann: Full Disclosure, sponsoring two episodes.

I have big plans for the next two years. In addition to Triggering the Move, the FSP is ready to step-up its game and evolve as an organization. Be on the lookout for more information about this soon.

As the country hurtles headfirst towards more tyranny, more and more people are looking for answers and alternatives. The Free State Project is a proven strategy for more Liberty in Our Lifetime. What are you waiting for? If you are a signer: move. If you are not a signer: become one. If you support us but can’t sign: become a friend and tell a friend. If you love what we do: donate so we can do more. Thanks for your support!

Yours in peace and liberty,
Carla Gericke
President, Free State Project


Liberty Forum is Almost Here!


Next week, hundreds will converge on the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, NH, to experience one of the largest, most established liberty conferences in the world. As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited that it’s finally time for another Liberty Forum!

The schedule has been released on the Liberty Forum website, and if you haven't registered yet, there's still time to get your tickets. If you plan on purchasing a ticket that includes meals, make sure to do so by next Monday, February 18, our meal-ordering deadline.

Jack Spirko and Tom Woods will be capping off each night as the keynote speakers, and we continue adding new and interesting speakers to the lineup, like ESSAM, who plastered New York City with fake NYPD Drone posters as controversial public art and must stay anonymous due to pending legal battles. Vermin Supreme, everyone’s favorite satirical presidential candidate, will also be speaking at Liberty Forum for the first time.

The Survival Podcast has announced three winners who donated to charities of their choosing for the chance to attend Liberty Forum for free. Congratulations to Ben from South Carolina, Debra from Massachusetts, and Ed from Massachusetts, and see you next weekend! In total, over $4,800 was donated to charities as part of the contest.

Finally, we'll take a moment to appreciate our sponsors. A big thanks to Platinum Sponsor Sakal CAI, Gold Sponsor BitInstant, Lanyard Sponsor School Sucks Project, Silver Sponsors Free Keene, New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, and Silver Circle, and Bronze Sponsors Freedom Book Club, Stateless Sweets, The Survival Podcast, and Liberty Activist Printing. We couldn’t do it without your support!

silver circle

See Silver Circle on the Big Screen

On Thursday, February 21, Silver Circle will be hosting its very first theatrical screening at Chunky’s Cinema in Nashua, just two miles from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Tickets are $15 including appetizers, transportation to the theater, and luxury seating, and can be purchased through Liberty Forum’s registration page. Only 15 tickets remain and they must be purchased in advance, so make sure to get yours before they’re gone!

Contact with any questions regarding the Silver Circle screening.


We Made the Move: Angela and Emmett Harris

Angela Emmett Charlotte Oktoberfest 2012

After the winds of Winter Storm Nemo had subsided and the raspy protests of shovels scraping pavement commingled with the mechanized purr of snow blowers moving mounds of nature’s frozen tears, we took a much needed respite from our participation in the clearing activities to reflect on our new life in the Granite State. The two of us have been through our share of winter storms, but Jeremy, our teenage son who made the move with us, left New England before he had developed a full appreciation for some of the nastier offspring Old Man Winter and Mother Nature can create. For the better part of the past decade, and hence the majority of his life, we had lived in the balmier climes of North Carolina. Freezing temperatures weren’t foreign, but their stay was usually brief and rarely were they accompanied by more than a dusting of the white stuff. That said, you might suspect that a generational storm would dampen our enthusiasm as one of the newest families to officially move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. On the contrary, we found Nemo to be a welcome challenge, telling us it‘s time to put up or shut up. One snow storm isn’t enough to make us reexamine our pursuit of “Liberty in Our Lifetime.”

Our journey to the Free State ended up being a long one. We had heard about it while we were living on Cape Cod. At the time, a state had yet to be chosen. Though we knew New Hampshire was in the running, our family was rapidly outgrowing our starter home (in addition to Jeremy, we have two older kids who are in college) at a time when one of the innumerable Fed bubbles was manifesting in skyrocketing real estate prices. New Hampshire’s home market was rising as fast as the market in Massachusetts, so instead of making the trek north of the border, we began eyeing property in the South. The bubble’s effect down there wasn’t as severe and we were able to find a larger home without breaking our diminutive bank.

As time passed, the nascent Free State Project faded for us. Our love of liberty was still strong and growing, but our attention was focused on more proximate activism; we found North Carolina has a vibrant liberty community. Unfortunately, unlike New Hampshire, the size of the Tar Heel State’s population tends to dwarf most efforts to create a freer society. But, through our involvement with various groups there, we ended up meeting local activists who told us
about a week-long event called PorcFest that takes place in the Great North Woods. It didn’t take much convincing for us to plan the trip and, in the process, the Free State Project was thrust back into the forefront of our minds.

The 2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival was damp, cold, and the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives! Being in a place with more than a thousand individuals who value and espouse liberty was like a Great Awakening. This is how life could be! PorcFest offered a concrete example of a freely-functioning community. It was truly amazing to behold. By the close of our second day, we decided that it was time to move beyond the baby-step of Free State Project signatories and take the giant leap towards creating that better world now. We were going to make the move.

While we wanted to relocate immediately, it ended up taking us about a year and a half (and another PorcFest) to finalize our move. At last, we were on the road to the Free State! We were a bit concerned about traveling north in the middle of winter; inclement weather can turn a long trip into a grueling nightmare. Providence must have been on our side because nary a flurry fell. The only hindrance was a stretch of fog beginning in Pennsylvania. It was thick and at times made us fear we would veer from the road, but we stayed the course. Then, at last, the fog lifted … and we were home.

We arrived in Manchester in the middle of January and, despite the cold weather, were warmly welcomed into an instant community of like-minded friends. Within our first two weeks, we mingled at a Porcupine “happy hour” at Strange Brew, joined the audience at the Artsy Fartsy Party where we met a sizable group of other Free Staters, and went to a fundraiser to assist an activist get her wheels back under her. We attended the monthly Merrimack Valley Porcupines meeting and a New Movers party and received notice of multiple rallies, hearings, and other activist events to choose from. The most challenging part of the move thus far has been finding a calendar big enough to fit all the political and social happenings in the area!

Although we have only been here a short time, we look forward to taking part in the vibrant and motivated Free Stater community. If our first few weeks are any indication, we have an exciting road ahead of us. Moving to New Hampshire was the right decision.


PorcFest Registration is Open Now

porcfest red logo

What’s the next amazing liberty gathering to anticipate now that Liberty Forum’s almost here? Why, it’s the Porcupine Freedom Festival, of course! The week-long summer camping event, now in its 10th year, will be June 17 to 23, 2013 at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, NH. Register online or at Liberty Forum for a special discounted rate of $35 for a whole week of talks, parties, food, family events, and friends. You can even pay with Bitcoin!

Beginning on February 25, tickets will be $50, so don’t miss your chance to save some dough. Please note that reserving a campsite at Roger’s or a room at a nearby motel is separate from your PorcFest ticket. Visit the Staying Here page to find out more. Join the PorcFest Facebook group and RSVP for the Facebook event to stay in the loop.


FSP in the News

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 5.42.18 PM

Residual Cynthia Chase drama (see last month’s newsletter if you need a reminder) manifests as Twitter name-calling; Union Leader covers the story.

Union Leader writes about the offerings at Nashua’s upcoming Liberty Forum.

FSP President Carla Gericke chatted with John Bush last week on Rise Up Radio. Join John Bush as he host his show live from Liberty Forum next Friday morning!

Documentary filmmaker Christina Heller explains the Free State Project in a Huffington Post video about libertarian intentional communities.

In New Hampshire


NH has the 2nd lowest gun homicide rate per 100,000 residents, and some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country.

It’s a great state for beer! A bill to increase beer taxes, which have not gone up for 30 years, was easily killed in the House with a 308-35 vote.

And New Hampshire makes it easy for nanobreweries (even smaller than microbreweries!) to form, causing a boom of new local craft breweries.

Oh yeah, and the food’s pretty good too, according to The New Porcupine.


Decals Support the FSP in More Ways than One

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 6.01.36 PM

New business Free State Project Graphics offers a variety of FSP-themed graphics printed on vinyl decals and lawn signs. When you spread the message of liberty via your yard or vehicle, you’ll also be supporting the FSP monetarily. New mover Aaron Roberts, founder of Free State Graphics, is generously donating 25% of all sales directly to the FSP. It’s a win-win!

Guns and Skis: Enjoying Winter in New Hampshire

beginner biathlon japhet paul

In January, five Free Staters took part in a "Beginner's Biathlon" at the Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club in Plymouth, NH. Japhet, Paul, Melissa, and Steve ranged in shooting and cross-country skiing experience from newbie to novice, but did remarkably well considering. Ross, a fifth free-stater and expert biathlete, served as coach, having competed earlier that day in the more serious race.

Your Monthly Armchair Activism

armchair activism

The Free State Project sponsored two recent segments of Ben Swann Full Disclosure. Ben discusses Danny Glover’s claims about the 2nd Amendment and questions whether military is required to fire on American citizens. Come for the FSP ads, stay for the great content!

To help our ads reach a wider audience, please share Ben Swann's videos on your favorite social media, like and comment on YouTube, and submit them to the Drudge Report. Thanks!

Website of the Month

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 7.26.06 PM

Free State Facts allows you to compare your state to New Hampshire (and if you already live in the Granite State, remind yourself how good you have it). Just refresh the page to see a new fact!

This is a great outreach tool, please share with the liberty people in your life!

Facebook Page of the Month

The Free State Project wants YOU for the Free State Veterans Facebook page! Any FSP participants who served in the Armed Forces are encouraged to join. Be sure to share with other interested parties.


Handy FSP Links

If you've moved to NH or otherwise changed your info, please update your contact info or send a message to to let us know.

Find NH job info on the website - post your resume & check the FSP forum for a job! Join the FSP Job Alert page on Facebook for up-to-date job listings.

Check out NH housing and other community & logistical information at NH Info.

Are you ready to join the FSP, move to New Hampshire and work with us towards Liberty in Our Lifetime? Join here!

And if you're planning a visit, email, and we'll be in touch.


We Keep Growing and Growing...

As of 02/12/2013:

Participants: 13,795
Participants in NH: 1,131

As of 01/16/2013:

Participants: 13,626
Participants in NH: 1,125

As of 12/16/2012:

Participants: 13,471
Participants in NH: 1,118


The Free State Project

fsplogo color (2)25145-02823-0

The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.


The work of creating and sustaining such a society in New Hampshire is the job of residents, including project participants, not the Free State Project itself.

The FSP does not endorse any specific changes to government or strategies to achieve them. The FSP does not take positions on issues, candidates, legislation, places to move within New Hampshire, tactics or methods of action. The one stipulation the FSP does make is that people who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome.

Reporting by the FSP on participant activity or NH events on the website, in the newsletter, or in any other place does not represent support or endorsement and may not portray the diversity of opinions and activities that exists among participants.