Welcome to the March-April 2013 Newsletter We've had colder-than-normal weather since our last newsletter, but spring has finally arrived! Most trees

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Welcome to the March-April 2013 Newsletter

We've had colder-than-normal weather since our last newsletter, but spring has finally arrived! Most trees have leafed out, and the azaleas are putting on a spectacular show all around Duke and Durham. As another academic year draws to a close, we reflect on some of the accomplishments of our department--both recent and long-standing. Enjoy our newsletter and keep in touch!

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Looking Back at the First 50 Years of TUNL

1-TUNL cartoon

Photo Courtesy of The Herald-Sun

Banner headlines—in one-inch tall type—shouted “Duke to Get Nuclear Lab” and “$2.5 Million Nuclear Lab to be Established at Duke.” The date was November 23, 1965, and the occasion was the funding of the Triangle University Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) by the federal Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The news was so big that an editorial cartoon in the Durham Morning Herald showed two farmers discussing the equipment that would be in the new lab.

Duke professor Henry Newson had succeeded—on his third try—in securing funding for a 15-MeV tandem Van de Graaff accelerator and a 15-MeV cyclotron. In 1963 and 1964, Newson had submitted similar proposals to AEC from Duke alone, neither of which were funded.

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See more vintage TUNL clippings from the Herald-Sun in our Flickr album here.


Faculty News

dan 2010 72cropped

Daniel Gauthier Participates in Conference for Teaching and Learning


Werner Tornow Joins Kavli IPMU in Tokyo


Mark Kruse Hosts LHC Outreach Event

kotwal cr

Ashutosh Kotwal Appointed Physics Advisor of US ATLAS

68 Duke Presentations at the APS March Meeting Duke University was well represented at the annual APS March Meeting this year: 60 contributed presentations plus 8 invited talks. The APS billed the March Meeting as “the largest physics meeting in the world, focusing on research from industry, universities, and major labs.” See the list of contributors and their papers here.

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Graduate Student News


Yingyi Zhang Passes Defense

Callan March2013-72

Kristine Callan to Become Teaching Associate Professor of Physics

li zheng

Baolei Li and Huaixiu Zheng Win Chinese Government Award

Huaixiu Zheng Published in PRL In addition to winning the Chinese Government Award, grad student Huaixiu Zheng recently published a paper in PRL titled “Persistent Quantum Beats and Long-Distance Entanglement from Waveguide-Mediated Interactions,” together with his advisor Prof. Harold Baranger. This is their second paper in PRL on the topic of waveguide-QED, which explores the interaction between local quantum objects—qubits—and light confined in a one-dimensional waveguide. Read more here.

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Researcher News

Guangyou Qin Wins Award and Joins Faculty at Central China Normal University Guangyou Qin, who was a research associate in the Duke QCD Theory Group from 2009 to the end of 2012, has accepted a faculty position at Central China Normal University (CCNU) in Wuhan, China. He will start his new appointment as a professor in the summer of 2013. He was also named as a recipient of the Thousand Young Talents Plan, a government-funded national program of China aimed at attracting outstanding young scholars and professionals from abroad. Read more here.

Postdoc James Esterline Published in PRL James Esterline, a research associate at TUNL, recently published the results of his thesis work in PRL together with thesis advisor Prof. Werner Tornow and two collaborating theoreticians from the University of Lisbon. This work involved the tandem accelerator at TUNL. You can read the article online here.


Upcoming Events

Event details may change at any time. Always click "More Info" to retrieve contact info for event organizers when planning to attend events.

2013 Fritz London Lecture This year's London Lecture will be presented by Judith Klinman of UC Berkeley on "Moving through Barriers: Unlocking the Mysteries of How Enzymes Really Work." The event will be TODAY Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 3:30pm in Physics 128.

Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems Seminars The CNCS Seminar will be Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 2:50PM in Hudson Hall Room 208 featuring Harry Swinney of the University of Texas-Austin.

Triangle Nuclear Theory Colloquium The next TNT Colloquium will be on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 3:30pm in Physics room 298 featuring Alexei Prokudin of JLab on "Hadron structure: theory and experiment from JLab 12 and beyond."

Condensed Matter Seminar Series The next Condensed Matter Seminar will be held on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 11:00am in Physics 298. The event will feature Igor Bondarev of NC Central University on "Possibility for Exciton Bose-Einstein Condensation in Individual Carbon Nanotubes."

Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory Seminar The next TUNL Seminar will be with Abhijit Bisoi of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 10:00am in Physics room 298.

Joint High Energy Physics/Theory Seminars Stay tuned for the next event.