February 22-23, 2013 Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, Tennessee CALL FOR PROPOSALS What goes on at TCHC? Our annual meeting of hono

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February 22-23, 2013

Tennessee Technological University

Cookeville, Tennessee


Call for Proposals

What goes on at TCHC?

Our annual meeting of honors students, faculty, and administrators from Tennessee and beyond is a welcoming first academic conference experience for students, and a supportive, stimulating experience for returning conferencegoers.

We'll gather Friday evening in the beautiful rotunda of Tech's new nursing building for registration, followed by a special reception and dinner groups for faculty and administrators, a dance party for students, and more.

On Saturday, our conference presentations and annual business meetings will be fueled by delicious food, snacks, surprises, and the energetic contributions of the Associated Scholars Guild: the student organization of the TTU Honors Program.


Proposal Deadline: January 21


How to Submit a Proposal

1. Please indicate a category for your proposed presentation:

Individual research presentation
Group presentation (please list all participants)
Presentations about the Honors community college experience
Research poster
Artistic performance (dance, music, theater)
Presentations about Honors administration, pedagogy, or programming

2. Describe your proposed presentation in an abstract of 100-125 words.

3. At the top of your proposal, please state the following:

Title of your presentation
Your name (and name of any co-presenters)
Name of your college or university
Your e-mail address and phone number where you can be reached
Are you a student, faculty member, administrator, other (describe)?
Name of the director or dean of your honors program/college and their e-mail address (all proposals must be endorsed by the director or dean)
Is your presentation a panel, individual academic research presentation, performance, research poster, session about honors administration or pedagogy?
Do you require any A-V equipment?

Please send proposals to ttu.honors.conferences@gmail.com.

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