Good Morning from Vicki, Join me for the Healthy Money Summit ( ) on November 7. I will host so


Good Morning from Vicki,

Join me for the Healthy Money Summit on November 7.

I will host some of my favorite money-wise guests - Charles Eisenstein, Janelle Orsi, Michael Shuman and Colin Beavan - in a day of depth conversations about transforming the way our culture relates to money.

Charles is an emerging philosopher of the gift economy. Janelle offers sharing solutions to having all you need and then some, Michael is an expert on relocalizing your money and Colin (No Impact Man) has traveled from a personal experiment to political engagement.

What a day! You will learn practical tools for being part of the new economy. You'll attend by phone or internet - and it is no cost to sign up.

November 8 and 9 you can join more leading financial thinkers of the new economy, hosted by my beloved Hazel Henderson and the brilliant Susan Davis.

Imagine if community were the bottom line for our world!

Such a world is possible, with enough people who know how to create a healthy relationship with money and shift our financial realm to a new and positive direction.

Here’s what you can gain when you attend:
* A healthier, more empowering relationship with money
* Greater knowledge on our financial systems—and how we can change them for the better
* Practical tools to improve your personal finances
* Inspiring insights you can use to begin transforming your own community
* Increased understanding of new and emerging economic models

Join me! Register for the Healthy Money Summit here

Yours truly,

Vicki Robin
Your Money or Your Life
Blessing the Hands that Feed Us (2013/4)

P.S. No matter who wins the elections, we will wake up and still be where the transformational rubber hits the road. Healthy Money Summit is the place to be if you’re serious about shifting to a healthier, happier, more productive relationship with money. You’ll also learn all about new money systems that are already transforming our world.

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