September 9, 2013 Client News & Updates Great Event Yesterday! We had a full house-plus at yesterday's seminar event in Studio City. We had two unex


September 9, 2013 Client News & Updates

Great Event Yesterday!

We had a full house-plus at yesterday's seminar event in Studio City. We had two unexpected producers join us as audience members. One, producer Patrick Shaw, even took the floor briefly to give a few words of wisdom and to speak briefly about his four upcoming film projects.

Next Seminar - Sunday, September 15 - Hope to See You There!


Rock to Lace Up the Wrestlng Boots Yet Once Again!

Charity Celebrity Event - November 9, 2013


Wow! Do They Have a Deal for YOU!

I just got off the phone with the promoter of this major charity event. The official announcement will be made and special VIP tickets will be offered for sale sometime next week. However, here's what's available for our clients and friends NOW: Call Sabastian Ice at (702) 408-5462, let him know you're a friend of mine, and you can purchase FRONT ROW RINGSIDE VIP TICKETS for only $20.00 each. Once officially announced and offered to the public, the tickets will go very quickly, with Front Row Ringside tickets projected to sell out within minutes of the official announcement.

YOUR VIP TICKET includes a "Meet and Greet" with the wrestlers prior to the matches AND it includes the autograph session with the wrestlers AND IT INCLUDES THE AFTERPARTY!

Last year 6,800 people attended the Ontario Convention Center wrestling matches. Projections are that MORE will attend this year. Plans call for TV coverage of the event. Entertainment industry red carpet photographers and videographers are also expected. Front row ringside is the place to be.

And, yes, I am now officially booked for the event. You can sit front row ringside and loudly "boo" my "Mr. Wonderful" character. :-) And you can join us afterward for the afterparty. All for $20.00. By the way, just so you know: No money comes to me in any way as a result of this event. I am donating my time and appearance for the benefit of the event and the charity. I do hope you'll be able to get tickets and come join us for this big event on November 9th. Thank you! (And, you're welcome!)

AE Rock Riddle Host Ric Drasin 2013

So, Rock's officially in training now

I stopped by producer-actor-television host Ric Drasin's training facility Saturday morning and gently ventured back into the wrestling ring again (guess who's sore today?!). That officially launched the new training regimen for my "comeback" on November 9.

By the way

Ric will be interviewing more of our clients on the Actors' Entertainment TV Network over the next few months. I was just asked by the owner-producer to do my second show for them. Their audience has now surpassed 7,000,000!

We're hoping to have Ric as our very special guest speaker (for a second time) before the end of October. I'll be meeting with him later this week. He's a really good, very well-connected, powerful person to know!


More News Upcoming!

We'll have your next newsletter to you by the end of the week. It will contain some really good news . . . so watch for it. We're also updating our Calendar of Events - check it out.


Until next week . . .

All the best!

Rock Riddle, President
APS Entertainment &
Hollywood Success Marketing & Public Relations

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