March 2013, SPECIAL EDITION: I Love Photography! The March edition of the Susan Spiritus Gallery newsletter is a special edition and offers works tha


March 2013, SPECIAL EDITION: I Love Photography!


The March edition of the Susan Spiritus Gallery newsletter is a special edition and offers works that are for sale and are on the gallery's website, but are 'one's of only' and are from private collections being offered for resale.
In each case, these are 'older' photographs and in a few cases, there may be some vintage images.

Selections include works by Andre Kertesz, George Tice, Max Yavno, Jerry Uelsmann, Ansel Adams, Roman Loranc, Paul Caponigro, Edward Weston by Cole, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Robert Doisneau but while not all will be in the newsletter, all will be on the gallery's new website page.

Oak Tree  Holmdel  NJ  1970

Oak Tree, Holmdel, NJ

Not only is this image of Oak Tree, Holmdel, NJ one of George Tice's classic images, but this 8x10" platinum print, has the artist's printed signature, GEO.A.TICE, which is a very early signature and is no longer used. Images with his printed signature are much sought after!
This is a photograph that originally sold to a private collector during the gallery's grand opening exhibition of George Tice's work in June 1976.

Sunrise  Mt. Tom

Sunrise, Mt. Tom, Sierra Nevada

A rare beauty from Ansel Adams collection of works published in 1976 in Portfolio VII is Sunrise Mt. Tom, Sierra Nevada.
It is printed in the standard size for Ansel's works, 16x20", and is a print in the traditional gelatin silver format, #62/115.

Paul Caponigro's image, Backlit Sunflower is a striking image and one which has been noted to be a very early print by the photographer. It is signed and dated and has been in one private collection for 35+ years. In addition, this private collection has also owned and is offering for sale an Edward Weston image of the Nautilus Shell, 1927, a print from the late 60's or early 70's which was printed by Cole Weston


Backlit Sunflower

 MG 2542

Nautilus Shell

 MG 2540

Portrait of the Eternal

Another iconic image in the world of photography is, of course, the Portrait of the Eternal by Manuel Alvarez Bravo, 1935. Alvarez Bravo was considered Mexico’s first principal artistic photographer and is the most important figure in 20th century Latin American photography.


Chez Mondrian


Washington Square

New York or Paris.....what a choice to have to make, but fortunately, Andre Kertesz did not have to make the choice to live in one city or the other! During the artist's lifetime, Andre Kertesz lived in both Paris (1925-1936) and New York (1936-1985) and some of his best work came from living in both cities. Of the two classic works by Kertesz featured here, one was taken in Piet Mondrian's studio, 1926, while the other in 1954 from his living room window in NY when he lived at
2 Fifth Avenue above Washington Square.

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The limited edition (75) of Knockout,1977 by Max Yavno was originally commissioned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to raise funds through the Sales & Rental Gallery.
The artist died in 1985.

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