September 2013 - I Love Photography!Back to School! With summer over for 2013, we find that September has snuck up on us and we now find ourselves i


September 2013 - I Love Photography!

Back to School!


With summer over for 2013, we find that September has snuck up on us and we now find ourselves in 'back to school" mode. This term conjures up many thoughts, but in general, the top hits are children, books, computers and learning.

With that, I thought I'd create a newsletter for 'back to school' taking liberties of course to stretch the boundaries, so as to include work by Cara Barer, Mitchell Hartman, Deborah Parkin. Also included will be a mention to the new work by Ellen Jantzen and Danae Falliers, both of whom incorporate the use of computers to generate their final images.

Stacks2 Barer


First and foremost, Cara Barer's unique photographs come to mind when we think of school, whether it be stacks of books, words, speed reading or that sandwich taken to school for lunch. All of these new creations evoke thoughts of 'back to school'.

speed-reading 72

Speed Reading

The-Word-Tree 72

The Word Tree

sandwich 72




Mitchell Hartman is continuing his Fragments II series, Children, with the most recent additions being images with children. Throughout the month of September, we are offering a special discounted price (-10%) for any of these 3 photographs by Mitchell Hartman.

Come On Already k

Come On Already

Naturalized Panx k



Deborah Parkin's photography specializes in capturing memories and the moods of children. Her photographs capture feelings of isolation, longing and waiting.
The images below bring back some early memories of the summer's end with playtime over (Isolation) and the longing for the beginning of school (Tranquility).

parkin deborah bruisedleg memory 2010

Brusied Leg

parkin deborah school memory


parkin deborah tranquility memory 2010


parkin deborah isolation memory 2010



We are all aware of the use of computers in today's art world with some usage being more evident than others. This is not a concern of mine as I look towards the finished product - no matter how it is constructed. Ellen Jantzen and Danae Falliers are two of my many artists who incorporate the use of computer technology into their art, and I love the finished product!

Ellen Jantzen's images from "Disturbing the Spirits"
Danae Falliers' images from "Wildflowers"

b2-Into The Unknown

Into the Unknkown

b5-Among The Spirits

Among the Spirits

c7-After Hours

After Hours


Wildflower 21


Wildflower 20


Wildflower 17


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