2 Events Tomorrow and You're Invited! It's All About Networking! Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon we all have another good networking opportunity. I pl


2 Events Tomorrow and You're Invited!


It's All About Networking!

Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon we all have another good networking opportunity. I plan to be there and I'm looking forward to introducing you. Please get there by no later than 5:00 PM so you'll have a full hour of networking before the screening. Or come at 4:00 PM and network for 2 hours! You can reserve your space directly if you click here (http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7625368683) Please also email me so I'll know you're coming: Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com with a cc: RockRiddle@hotmail.com. Thank you!

Here are the details you'll see at the RSVP link: HOLLYWOOD SHORTS - Monthly screenings - SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 2013 - 4pm - 8pm - DIMMAK STUDIOS (formerly Cinespace) - 6356 Hollywood Blvd., upstairs - Hollywood, CA 90028

Short Film Program #8 - Filmmaker Happy Hour - www.hollywoodshorts.com - Edition 15.8 - SPONSORED BY SAG INDIE, ANARCHY POST, KEY CODE MEDIA - Editorial solutions, THEORY FX - boutique FX shop for indie filmmakers, and ProductionHUB.com - SHORT FILM PROGRAM #15.8 -- Join us for our August installment of our monthly FILMMAKER HAPPY HOUR and a wonderful program of short film & animation. Please take note of our special summertime SATURDAY event date and our revised event schedule. 5:00pm - 6:30pm - Filmmaker Happy Hour - 6:30pm - 8:00pm - Short Film Program #8 - This month's program features some wonderful international selections as well as the premiere screening of WATERSHED (Paula Goldberg)

Writer/Director PAULA GOLDBERG returns home to LA with her latest work. Paula screened her debut short film Traveling Companion at the very first HOLLYWOOD SHORTS Screening in October 1998. We are thrilled to welcome her home. Paula is visiting us from her home base in Dallas, where she is a screenwriting and director professor at SMU! We will also be celebrating the wrap of this month's SUMMER SHOOT! Join us to raise a glass to the hard-working cast and crew of our most recent on set experience. [from the Hollywood Shorts invitation]


Another Red Carpet Event Tomorrow Night!


All of Our Active, Available, and Current PR Clients Are Expected to be Cleared for this Red Carpet

I just received word from the founder and CEO of New Media Vault that the majority of our available, active, current clients will be cleared for their red carpet tomorrow (Saturday) evening. WE NEED TO KNOW NOW if you want to be submitted for our official VIP submission, which will be made tomorrow (Saturday) morning. The photos above were taken at the last New Media Vault Red Carpet Event. The one tomorrow night is expected to be substantially larger; it is a co-production with the Holly Shorts Film Festival (not to be confused with Hollywood Shorts or the Hollywood Shorts networking and screening event that takes place tomorrow afternoon) So, PLEASE RSVP NOW at Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com with a cc to RockRiddle@hotmail.com - We need to know YES or NO - for Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. THEY BOTH TAKE PLACE IN HOLLYWOOD within walking distance of each other! Thank you!




What? No Seminar Sunday?

There will be no seminar event this Sunday in Studio City at the Jeremiah Comey Studio - but there are always networking opportunities . . .

Take a look at our Calendar of Events.

We'll be adding quite a few (over a dozen) new events tomorrow.

And, keep checking back. We usually add events on a daily basis.



Check Out This Cool Drawing Done By a Facebook Friend


What a nice surprise!

If you check facebook frequently, you've probably already seen the drawing. If there's anyone reading this who is not a facebook friend, please send me a friend request: www.facebook.com/RockRiddle


Don Glut's Next Feature Film Fully Funded!


Today's e-Mail Message from Donald F. Glut

The subject of his e-mail was simply "Done!"

I can't share everything, but here's the gist of it: Don Glut let me know that in one day he acquired "more than the [amount of] money I need for my werewolf movie . . . " And he also informed me that potentially substantial money is expected to continue coming in over the next 8+ days! Wow!

Okay, I think I can quote exactly the last paragraph of his email:

" . . . So, depending on availability, etc., we'll shoot anywhere from October through December. Next week we see the first werewolf designs. And another former APS member [Hollywood Success client] -- Melodee Spevack -- will be stunt coordinator and probably wear several other hats. - Don

Quite a few of our clients will be working in the film. Don has already released the names of about half a dozen. Others will be contacted before the film begins production. Congratulations to all who will be working in this and the next Don Glut films!


Our New Radio Show

Today I began renewed negotiations with the owners and management of our office building to enable us to broadcast directly from our office. We already have the bandwidth and the necessary equipment. We also have two additional pieces of equipment being delivered next week - equipment that will enhance and insure the quality of the broadcasts.

Negotiations with the building involve the soundproofing of our office space. We expect to reach a meeting of the minds next week --- and begin show production within the following two weeks.

If you've attended the Sunday seminars over the past few weeks, you've heard me talk about radio shows, podcasts, video podcasts and new media. I plan to officially announce our show and bring you up to date at the next seminar - one week from Sunday, August 25. Please plan on attending. I'm expecting a very special guest speaker - quite possibly two - who have done very well in the business and have never spoken at our events before! (More information with an upcoming newsletter)

Oh, by the way: What happens if the owners of the building don't agree to absorb an acceptable amount of the expense with the office soundproofing? No problem. In that case, we'll just build a little studio in my home - and we'll still stay on schedule. (Plans call for building a studio there anyway - this would just speed up the process!) There is always a way - and there are always backups! :-)

AE Rock Riddle Host Ric Drasin 2013

More Good News Upcoming!

We'll be sharing more good news with you in upcoming newsletters.

Remember, the more active you are, the more results you see! So be as active as you can; attend as many networking events as possible - and marvel at how quickly that success manifests!

Rock Riddle
APS/Hollywood Success