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Newsletter #110 for March 8, 2013

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New Handbook Educates Local Officials about Wastewater Systems

The Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University has developed a new reference to help local decision makers understand how to operate and manage a wastewater system.

The guide is available online as a PDF, with hard copies available upon request. Click here to read more.

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National Groundwater Awareness Week: March 10-16

Forty-four percent of the American population depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply. The National Groundwater Association wants to raise awareness both for this resource AND for groundwater professionals with this annual awareness effort.

Click here to read more.

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New Water1der App Brings Water Awareness to the Public

We all know that education helps citizens in your community value their water systems. Now, the new Water1der app from the Groundwater Foundation makes learning about water more fun. In today's technology-driven world, this simple tool can help foster appreciation in the next generation.

Click here to read more.

proddownloads.vertmarkets.com.s3.amazonaws.com download 33273fd5 33273fd5-7c70-4211-91ad-a16501102861 original arsenic lessons learned wateronline sp lho.pdf

Lessons Learned in Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water

Research on arsenic removal treatment technologies intensified in 2002, in preparation for the January 23, 2006 compliance deadline for EPA's new 10 ppb standard. Through collaborative efforts between government and industry, much has been learned about the effectiveness of treatment options and best practicals for long-term removal efficiency. This short report summarizes important findings from the past decade.

Click here to read more.

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Small Talk: Outreach Tip of the Week

Use simple strategies to avoid coming across as impersonal when using social media to communicate with customers.

Each week, we offer a quick tip to help you educate the public and communicate more effectively with local decision makers and customers.

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Learn how to resolve the most common problems at your small system, including cross-connection, backflow, depressurization events, water age and infrastructure deterioration.

State WARNs Give Rural Utilities a Helping Hand
We've talked before about the importance of state WARNs and mutual aid agreements, but what does that all mean in practical terms? Here, we highlight two state WARN programs that have provided resources when rural utilities needed help.

Environmental Justice Grant Awards Benefit Small Communities, Tribes
Water-related programs serving rural communities dominate list of environmental justice grant awards.


Video of the Week

In each newsletter, we highlight an excellent video worth watching. That video is also featured on our home page. Visit our archive for past features.

This video illustrates one way to inspect and clean a storage tank and shows what can be found inside tanks if they are not maintained. Thanks to the Operation Matters blog for sharing this video.


Inspection and Cleaning of Storage Tanks


Weekly Reading for March 8, 2013

Each week we share a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

City reshaping approach to aging water lines - Baltimore implementing new asset management program to envision sustainable future for water system.
Department of Labor Approves Guidelines for Wastewater Operator Apprenticeship - New standards define minimum requirements for apprentices and establish a point of entry into the profession.
Ten reasons managing stormwater is different from wastewater - For communities with centralized wastewater, you may be facing taking on stormwater management to deal with increasing regulation.
Four Challenges for the Water Profession - Blog post highlights four significant drivers of innovation and change for the wastewater industry.
New Maps Provide Crucial Information For Water Managers - Research from the USGS will help water managers better plan for the future.

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SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar

Upcoming Free Webinars

March 21 - RCAC: Operations Plans
This webinar will discuss what an operations plan is, why an operations plan is important, why an operations plan is needed to assist with budgeting, where to acquire operations plans tools and templates, and how to generate an operations plan.

Want to find additional training opportunities for operators, including events in your area? Search the SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar for more online and in-person events.


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