I Love Photography! April 2014: Falliers & Burdeny The April newsletter features the work by Danae Falliers and David Burdeny, two photographers whom


I Love Photography! April 2014: Falliers & Burdeny

The April newsletter features the work by Danae Falliers and David Burdeny, two photographers whom I have represented for many years. Each of their bodies of work are abstract and perhaps have a similarity to them with their square formats and bold blocks of color, but in fact, they are very different in nature and construction.

The exceptional simplistic beauty of these photographs along with the minimal amount of information provide a visual symphony for the viewer. Alone or paired with another, these abstract blocks of color will add the final touch to any room or office and are offered in multiple sizes.



Danae Falliers work is about the American landscape. Intrigued by ideas of transience, transcendence, permanence, and memory, her work explores the co-existence of movement and stillness, color, pattern, flatness and depth. It can be read conceptually or formally, metaphorically or literally. Danae has developed her 'hybrid' technique over time in the studio.









Falliers 15 lasvegas4 003


Falliers 16 lasvegas3 003


lanight1b 000


lanight2 002



David Burdeny's “Drift” is a series of moving and still photographic images collected during travels through Canada, France, Japan, England, Belgium and the USA. These photographs catalogue the shifting light and color of the world's oceans and shorelines. Using a variety of analogue and digital mediums that closely parallel racetrack photo finish technology, the images invert conventional photographic motion/time relationships. My intention is to present motion rendered still, and still rendered in motion, graphically revealing the underlying rhythms and patterns of the physical world while tracing our navigation through it.

burdeny david drift19sakurakyoto 2005

Drift 19 Japan

Burdeny David Drift11MustardFieldWinnipeg 2001

Drift 11 Mustard


Drift 18 Pointe du Hoc France

Burdeny David Drift17PacificOceanSeasideOregon2002

Drift 17 Pacific Ocean


Drift 10 Grand Beach, Canada


Drift 4 Sea of Japan

For the images below:
Rising Moon and Setting Moon, Hawaii are from the series, Traverse, (2011) which emphasizes the instant where light, form, texture and color come together on a particular day.

The two images from Brazil (2013) are from the new series, Saudade, a word which has no meaning in the English language, but in Portuguese refers to a longing, a desire for what was or what could be – a desire to be someplace anywhere but the present.

Burdeny David RisingMoonMauiHawaii 2011-600x600

Rising Moon Hawaii

Burdeny David SettingMoonMauiHawaii 2011

Setting Moon Hawaii

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Brazil (Disbursed)

10010048 10152752310074358 1246847712 o

Brazil (Group)


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