Amazing what can happen in six months Well hello again. It’s been quite a while. My excuse: I am now a published author. Quite amazing. Also quite a


Amazing what can happen in six months


Ditto asleep!

Well hello again. It’s been quite a while. My excuse: I am now a published author. Quite amazing.
Also quite amazing: it's only weeks till Herb and I marry in May.
We have just returned from celebrating Herb's parents Diamond Wedding anniversary, in southern France. (lovely!). Quite an achievement. We love spending time there and the cats are an added attraction - 3 ginger boys.


The first UK Matrix Reimprinting Convention

I attended the first UK Matrix Reimprinting Convention earlier this year. Great time had by all. It inspired me to my next learning. Meta Medicine : when an emotional trauma can affect a specific area of our body. Consider:  "Oh it’s my usual weak point: it tells me when I have been overdoing it." Sometimes we are fortunate and can recognise or be guided to recognise when we need to slow down. Sometimes we learn the hard way.  Stress can wreak havoc with our physical body.

Survive and thrive front cover

Survive and Thrive after Trauma

Well would you believe it? An author Survive and Thrive after Trauma was published in February.

A book of three parts.
* My autobiographical account of married family life when steamrollered by alcohol dependency, divorce papers and death......
* As an Emotional and Energy Healing practitioner I have included a Resources section offering explanation and tools to aid the understanding of emotive langauge and emotive situations.
* There are interviews with those now thriving after their emotional challenges. They share their learning and positive message. For my thoughts since writing the book, please read A leap of faith
Please listen to or read the introduction on the book's website. Purchases can be made there or on Amazon.. I intend putting it on Kindle.
As a result of my writing this book, once I realised I should practice what I preach around letting go I have bought a new dress, we have planned our wedding and will celebrate in our lovely garden with friends and family. I have placed an intention for a very pleasant day weather wise!

Emotional Mentoring

I often vary my one minute networking pitch. I suspect I have not niched decisively yet with regard to advice given by coaches. However I do promote my work with women : those who have raised their hand recognising a self-sabotage /self belief issue. Please read a recent blog I wrote highlighting my questions around the phrase Emotional Mentoring I welcome comments on how I can attract and best serve those who use or require my skills.

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Workshop dates. ( Men welcome too)

Thursday 6th June 2013. 10 am till 12.30 pm approx. A re-run of my Beat Self-Sabotage workshop. Let's beat overwhelm, strengthen self belief and decide to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. A work in progress so costs are quite low.
Special Price £20. Bring a friend for half price.
We discuss the WHY and use solution focus discussion to remedy the situation, with some EFT techniques thrown in to help manage stress and strengthen confidence.

Thursday 20th June 2013. 10 am till 12.30 pm
An Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Workshop.
Why is EFT so good? Experience EFT which many hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and doctors praise or use. I specialise in Matrix Reimprinting, a development of EFT. Discover the potential of Working in the Light and how our echoes hold the key to releasing past beliefs which need not determine how we behave today.
Special Price £20. Bring a friend for half price.

5 Top Tips to maintain high confidence levels!

Sometimes we may give a really good impression of appearing in control, no suggestion at all of the demented swan paddling furiously under the water. Perhaps these 5 tips can help?

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Final comments

Please share this newsletter with friends and I welcome comments about future workshop content or timings.

Book me for a talk

All aspects of the book Survive and Thrive after Trauma
EFT and Emotional Healing.

I am introducing my POWER programme.
Positive Opportunities for Well-being using Energy Healing to promote Real Confidence. I intend this to be available on-line but for now I am working with individuals or groups while it morphs into shape!

Here is the contact form on my website or call me on 02392 410090 Mobile: 07917 680967.

Wedding news and photos in my next newsletter.

Susan Cowe

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