March 2014: I Love Photography ~ Going Green! Once again, the Susan Spiritus Gallery has put out the call for green for the annual March newsletter a


March 2014: I Love Photography ~ Going Green!

Wearing O' The Green

Wearing O' The Green

Once again, the Susan Spiritus Gallery has put out the call for green for the annual March newsletter and in doing so hoped to get a varied selection of images which depict 'green' in light of the arrival of daylight savings, the coming of Spring, and St. Patrick's Day. As in the past, many submitted their work for consideration including gallery artists Ellen Jantzen, Cat Gwynn and Timothy Hyde as well as others who are not represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery, including Brenda Biondi and Joanne Scherf whose images were selected for this newsletter. All images are being used with their permission.

Two images which immediately spoke to me and in fact addressed the coming of spring and St. Patrick's day were two new works by Ellen Jantzen, "Wearing O' The Green" from the new series, Seasonal Spirits and "And the Greening Begins" from the series, Disturbing the Spirits, which is pictured below.

And The Greening Begins

And the Greening Begins

2. 0314-Ireland-A6541520

Oughterard, County Galway

How timely is it that Tim Hyde has (literally) just stepped foot off the plane from Ireland in time for my newsletter and immediately heeded the cry for 'green' by sending a selection of images from his most current portfolio, Ireland. All of these new images can be found on his artist's page on Susan Spiritus Gallery

Askville by Amazon says "It seems that green has been considered Ireland's national color for centuries. This is perhaps due to the very green landscape of rural Ireland, which led Irish poets to describe Ireland as the "Emerald Isle."

3. 0314-Ireland-A6541522

Farmstead, County Galway

5. 0314-Ireland-A6541577

Shore Farms, Laghy, County Donegal

10. T1002611

Stag's Head, Dublin

12. T1002853

St. Patrick's Cathedral

11. T1002694

River LIffey, Dublin


Joanne Scherf is a visual artist from the mid-west and has submitted several of her award winning images, including Quiver, Tranquility and Venus Sizzle which clearly present us with a different feeling of 'green', a color most often associated with peace and tranquility. Oftentimes, Joanne's images are used for healing and meditation purposes. Scherf says that she uses subjects of landscape, environment and urbanscapes to show the beauty of the mundane which creates an abstract image that transcends the ordinary.

Scherf Quiver


Scherf Tranquility


Scherf Venus Sizzle

Venus Sizzle



One of our very own Angelinos, Cat Gwynn doesn't have to wander far from her front door before she finds great visual stimulation from people, places and things. Her distinctive eye
captures the inherent beauty and deeper meaning of commonplace scenes and events in everyday life.

Selections with green include Serene, Palm Shadow, The Twist and Sometimes the Sun Pretends to be a Ball Resting in the Grass.


Palm Shadow


The Twist


Sometimes the Sun Pretends to be a Ball Resting in the Grass

Brenda Biondo is an artist from Colorado and her work is from the ongoing series, Remnants & Revival which addresses both the value and challenges of preserving Western lands.

The diptychs in this series reference both the dwindling remnants of undeveloped land throughout the West, and the restoration efforts that are bringing back native plants to many farmed and grazed areas in an effort to re-create an ecosystem that more closely resembles the original. Each diptych combines an image of a Colorado landscape that is protected in some way (such as through its designation as open space, a state park, etc.) with a close-up of a wild-growing plant, either native, introduced or invasive. Each plant image is matched with a photo of an ecosystem where the plant is likely to be found growing. By focusing on both the micro and macro aspects of the natural environment, the diptychs allude to not only aesthetic concerns but also to an ecosystem's functionality.

cliff rose aspen tree

Cliff Rose/Aspen

false solomon seal forest clearing-2

False Solomon's Seal/Forest Clearing


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