OPERS Wellness Program Updates (5/9/14) GX UPDATE: Today's KORE-BARRE (12:00p @ OPERS Activities Room) workout will be replaced with ZUMBA Our Barre

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OPERS Wellness Program Updates (5/9/14)

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GX UPDATE: Today's KORE-BARRE (12:00p @ OPERS Activities Room) workout will be replaced with ZUMBA

Our Barre-method instructor, Kirsten, is unable to lead our regularly scheduled Kore-Barre workout this afternoon, so our awesome ZUMBA instructor, Bonno, has offered to fill in so that you can still get your dance-workout on. The ZUMBA workout will be held at the same time and location, 12:00p-12:55p in the OPERS Activities Room, as Kore-Barre.


OPERS Facility Closure (Saturday, 5/10)

When planning your weekend fitness goals and activities, please take into account that all of our OPERS facilities will be closed tomorrow (Saturday, 5/10) for the "Edge of Eden" concert being held on the East Field.

Please click on this link to read the email sent out the UCSC campus community regarding the campus impact (including campus access) of this event.

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Staff Appreciation Picnic & UC Walks (5/20/14)

On Tuesday, May 20th, UCSC's Employee Wellness program and Staff Advisory Board will be partnering to provide all employees with a wellness break and 30-minute walk with co-workers, followed by a staff-appreciation picnic with special guests Chancellor Blumenthal and Sammy-the-Slug. The walk and picnic will be held at the OPERS East Field from 11:00am-1:15p.

Our OPERS Wellness program will be contributing some gift certificates and coupons for free and/or discounted personal training sesssions, fitness assessment tests, and group exercise admissions, so you won't want to miss out on the give-aways.

The event organizers ask that you register by May 9th. Registration for the picnic ensures there will be enough food for everyone. Use the following link to register for yourself or your entire office: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SABstaffappreciationpicnic2014