When I learned about Rodan+Fields, I knew immediately that the time was now to be part of this well respected and powerful company. What appealed to

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When I learned about Rodan+Fields, I knew immediately that the time was now to be part of this well respected and powerful company.

What appealed to me personally about this business was the e-franchise model of no parties and no inventory, with digital tools to keep me mobile and current in the trend towards e-commerce.

When I started, this fit perfectly as my Plan B for my busy life. I had a job I loved as Director of Community Outreach, and two growing kids. I was looking to earn some extra income to help our family while my husband perused his entrepreneurial dreams of owning and running a consulting firm in the med-tech space. Soon after a successful launch with R+F, I was laid off-- definitely not part of my plan!

Though new to the company, I had already experienced growth and income on part time hours, working when I chose. I was able to put my family first, while still having a professional life with financial rewards.

Today, my business is growing beyond my expectations and I am on track to quickly surpass my lost income while helping others achieve their own financial goals. I consider myself incredibly lucky that my Plan B was always meant to be my Plan A!


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Rodan + Fields is well positioned to dominate the nearly $3 billion U.S. anti-aging skin care market with top beauty editors singing our praises month after month.

Note: All R+F press coverage is unpaid.


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We proudly offer clinically proven regimens for aging skin, sun damage, acne, and sensitive skin.


The icing on the cake? International Expansion. We are slated to expand into Canada in 2014 with global expansion on the horizon. When Rodan+Fields is an international household name, you'll be able to say, "I started my business with R+F before they left the US borders!"


I Can Help You If:

• You want to make extra income on your own terms, on your own hours (with OUT parties or inventory)
• You have a full time job you love but need help to pay for dance classes and hockey
• You need help paying off school loans
• You have a crazy busy life
• You gave up a professional career to stay at home to raise children
• You are positive and motivated
• You are in the military, your own business with R+F can move with you anywhere

Men & women experiencing success with Rodan + Fields come from varied backgrounds, but their common thread is being busy, successful, bright and driven with a genuine interest in helping others. No business or sales experience needed. Our business model and business tools are designed to be portable and fit into our busy daily lives- so a cell phone and internet access are a must. We have a proven plan in place to create a profitable business


Please contact me. A brief conversation can help you decide if it's a fit for you.

Mandy Meisner

Executive Consultant





Earnings depend on a number of factors, including the area in which you live and your individual effort. Success with Rodan + Fields results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.

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