March 2012: I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Going Green I thought a fun theme for the March newsletter would be to "go green", but not to elaborate on what tha

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March 2012: I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Going Green


Prosperity by Chuck Dye

I thought a fun theme for the March newsletter would be to "go green", but not to elaborate on what that actually means.
I put the idea out on Facebook and Twitter and asked for submissions, hoping to get a varied selection in light of the arrival of daylight saving's time, the coming of Spring, and St. Patrick's Day.
The following submissions selected as examples of GREEN were submitted by gallery artists Ellen Jantzen, Timothy Hyde, Jeffrey Becom, Christopher Burkett, & Danae Falliers and by others who are not represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery, including Chuck Dye, Brenda Biondi, Diane Poinski and Jennifer Johns.


Words associated with green are often related to ecology, recycling, energy and transportation. Growth. peace, harmony, spring, money and greed also come to mind, along with illness, youth, and envy.

California 04 13 143PM

California 04-13 2010 @ 1:43 PM

Ellen Jantzen's images from the series, Point & Shoot @ 70 MPH are great examples of living green while work from the series, Losing Reality: The Reality of Loss represent man's fleeting existence in his environment.

California 04-20 2010 9 58 AM

California 04-20 2010 @ 9:58 AM (wind turbine)



Losing Reality

Losing Reality

0212 - A6531958cr ss

Green House, Janesville, PA

New to the gallery's stable of artists is Tim Hyde from Washington, D.C. His work from the series, Perilous Terrain, now on the website, explores some of the more dramatic contrasts between Mother Nature and its human occupation.
Green House, submitted for the newsletter is not part of Perilous Terrain but it's greenness truly represents green in the very traditional sense of the word, green!


Of course, wherever we go, most of the flora are magnificent shades of green.

wildflower7 003

Wildflowers (Texas Bluebonnet & Downey Paintbrush) by Danae Falliers


Jeffrey Becom has no difficulty finding green wherever he travels to, be it Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala or Peru.

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Puerta Azul, Peru


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